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  1. Before I get a new one, anyone have a fairing stay? I can get cheep one on ebay for 40 buck or a new one for 100 but I wanted to check here first. On a related note anyone ever successfully got a broken mirror bolt out? This is my 2nd XX and the second time Ive broken ez outs trying to remove it!
  2. Anyone have a right hand mirror stay?
  3. NoOne65


    Over the years I've acquired 3 right mirrors and no left ones...guess which one shattered? Anyone ever removed the glass from its housing? If so how? I was thinking if I can successfully get the glass out of one of the right ones I can just glue it in the left side
  4. I need a left mirror, my glass shattered. Anyone have one?
  5. my prvious XX (97) sat for the better part of a year and I soaked carbs in this stuff overnight and it ran great afterwards! Berryman Chemtool
  6. Not those...the two small screws on the top of the reservoir. Mine has been an indoor bike for about 1.5 years now
  7. actually it was that way when I bought it and I change/bleed the lines yearly
  8. haven't been able to see through those "windows" since I got the bike 6 years ago, so yours is definitely special!
  9. not the stainless bolts and other stuff...
  10. When I check the brake fluid every year...duh?!
  11. I think your gonna have a crap shoot...The ones on the bike in my signature were great but after about 3 years they became brittle and had to be replaced. Same with the following set. Both of them fit great with minimal adjustments needed (slightly opening holes for instance). My last two sets were SHIT!...I had to oblong almost all the holes and stretch and pull to get them mounted. Good luck
  12. Anyone ever find screws that WONT rust? I have bought several over the years that were suppose to be stainless but after a few years they are totally rusted...Could they be real stainless but the brake fluid corrodes them and thats what I am seeing and not actually rust?
  13. +1 to Fizzy up there...I suffered with m,y 97 replacing R/R at least once a year it seemed. Went to mosfet and problems went away...then the engine seized and now I have a mosfet in my 99
  14. Anyone have a suggestion how to clean the inside of the headlight lens?
  15. for semi aggressive riding road pilots have never failed me
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