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  1. NoOne65


    Will a 97 XX Speedometer sensor work in a 99?
  2. so my speedo started acting up like it does when the RR goes tits up but after I replaced the RR it never started working. I am thinking speed sensor itself? Any way to test either of them? anyone have a speed sensor lying around? J
  3. NoOne65

    Fast idle

    Its not running low but running high...and high idle is at 2100 rpm roughly
  4. NoOne65

    Fast idle

    After sitting for the better part of a year my 99 Bird (I occasionally cranked it and let it run also fresh gas); the last time I started it it would idle fast about 2100 RPM. I took the tank off to look and cleaned the intake with some carb cleaner, checked for air leaks, lubed the cable and throttle bodies, I also let the idle adjustment all the way out. It ran fine for a little while...maybe an hour or so then back to high idle. anyone have any suggestions?
  5. NoOne65

    99 Front axle

    Thanks Joe! My spacers are wrong. I must have gotten them mixed in with my 97 parts and grabbed the wrong ones!
  6. NoOne65

    99 Front axle

    to use 1997 forks on 1999 would I need the 97 axle with the 99 spacers? Ive been racking my brain trying to figure out what I did and it occurred to me that I might have put the 97 forks on since they had the valve and spring work
  7. NoOne65

    99 Front axle

    Short (19mm) on the left and 28.575mm. collar is all the way into the fork.. Both spacers go into the wheel about 3mm
  8. NoOne65

    99 Front axle

    mine measures 187.325mm where yours is 198mm so definately not from carbed...could it be from a VFR? or a CBR of another color? it just seems like way short
  9. NoOne65

    99 Front axle

    Does anyone have a front axle they could measure? I lost mine during my move recently and I bought one off ebay and it just doesnt seem like its the right length. Mine measures 9 3/4" end to end but when I put it on I have a huge gap on the bolt side. Is this normal?
  10. ive tried a couple but they had heat resistant panels...and while the do get hot its not so hot to melt anything IMO
  11. i am getting ready to go into field service and my 'bird is all i have thus the need for these. do they have heat shield? I have high mount migs...think they might work?
  12. i get paid Tuesday if thats good..you wouldnt by chance have pic of them on your 'bird?
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