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  1. Thanks!
  2. will the front wheel from 2003 fit a 1999? specifically the rotors
  3. Oh ok. thanks I didnt know that!
  4. is you replace the ecu with PC does it still throw out FI codes?
  5. bump...rotors definitely warped, thought I'd try once more
  6. FI

    My guess is no since all the wiring appears to be all started when I hit a HEAVY rainstorm with what seemed like golf ball sized drops!
  7. FI

    so on my 99 every now and then while riding the FI light comes on and stays on. If i kill the engine with the kill switch for a second the turn it back to run and bump start it while driving it will go off for a while.also i can do the same thing with the ignition with the same results. I cant find how to get the codes or even what they mean from the manual cuz the index sucks ass. can anyone help me? all my experience is with carbed birds
  8. I cant afford to replace with new right now...I just need a set to get me by until I can find work
  9. I bought some wavy discs and the brakes are "pulsing"...I am thinking they are warped BUT like an idiot I threw the stock ones out thinking I wouldnt need them
  10. Bueller....bueller...
  11. any from a fuel injected bike fits to my knowledge
  12. anyone have a pair of FI front brake discs for cheap? I mean CHEAP as I am unemployed and my bike is all i have
  13. Fan

    Lucky for me the radiator did indeed have a spot for the switch...apparently the sales guy is an I have the radiator and a new high cfm fan (1700cfm @ 2.8amps). Now I am looking for some advice. Included with the fan were through the radiator type zip ties. I also picked up some slotted metal fan mounting brackets as well. Do you see any negatives to using the zip tie method? or should I use the brackets?