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  1. Where would you even put that? I have found a few at the popular hot rod stores but they all need to be inserted into the RAD and I am a little skeptical of that
  2. those of you that have added 2 fans and used separate adjustable thermo switch have a link to a decent one?
  3. NoOne65

    Radiator size

    also I was looking at the wrong fan spec...these are 6.5A at startup
  4. NoOne65

    Radiator size

    They are actually only 2" deep so they fit fine compared to the 2 3/4" the previous fan was and the headers melted that one good! I like your Idea of running them split.
  5. NoOne65

    Radiator size

    So Ended up getting a pair of SPAL 6.5" fans. I am thinking I should probably use a relay? MFG suggests 13A fuse for one fan but I cant recall OHMs law to figure what they will be in parallel. Opinions? suggestions?
  6. I use to swear by the R1 regulators but they would last a year or so on my 97...switched to the series from Jack as above and havent looked back
  7. NoOne65

    dash clock

    anyone have a busted dash that has a working clock? analog gauges... the crystals in mine have started leaking and now I have to guess what the digits are based on time of day
  8. NoOne65

    Radiator size

    Thas what I am going to do but without tearing mine apart I dont know the rad size...I have to buy 2 because the one I have has melted by the headers...its not OEM and I have forgotten where I purchased it from 3 years ago!
  9. NoOne65

    Radiator size

    Anyone have their bird in pieces or their radiator off? I need a new aftermarket fan but dont have the rad size handy ...Thanks
  10. NoOne65


    Will a 97 XX Speedometer sensor work in a 99?
  11. so my speedo started acting up like it does when the RR goes tits up but after I replaced the RR it never started working. I am thinking speed sensor itself? Any way to test either of them? anyone have a speed sensor lying around? J
  12. NoOne65

    Fast idle

    Its not running low but running high...and high idle is at 2100 rpm roughly
  13. NoOne65

    Fast idle

    After sitting for the better part of a year my 99 Bird (I occasionally cranked it and let it run also fresh gas); the last time I started it it would idle fast about 2100 RPM. I took the tank off to look and cleaned the intake with some carb cleaner, checked for air leaks, lubed the cable and throttle bodies, I also let the idle adjustment all the way out. It ran fine for a little while...maybe an hour or so then back to high idle. anyone have any suggestions?
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