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  1. Fan

    Lucky for me the radiator did indeed have a spot for the switch...apparently the sales guy is an I have the radiator and a new high cfm fan (1700cfm @ 2.8amps). Now I am looking for some advice. Included with the fan were through the radiator type zip ties. I also picked up some slotted metal fan mounting brackets as well. Do you see any negatives to using the zip tie method? or should I use the brackets?
  2. Can you do paypal?
  3. Fan

    Yea it is an EFI radiator...mounting points are the same the only difference seems to be the location and orientation of the filler neck
  4. Fan

    Yea I thought about that shortly after I posted...thanks for the good idea!
  5. I am going to rebuilt a spare system that I removed from my 97. Is there a down and dirty way to get the pistons out when they are no longer connected to the bike?
  6. Fan

    I bought a new radiator off ebay and discovered there is no spot for the thermo switch. Is there any reason I shouldnt just ground the fan and leave it running all the time? Opinions?
  7. secondary master cylinder is on the :poke
  8. when the cylinder actuates and then releases and repeat...makes a chatter sound unless there is firm pressure on the lever...sounds like something that would happen if the rotor was warped
  9. delete
  10. so any idea why the secondary MC chatters back and forth upon braking?
  11. initially 2 weeks ago was exactly that, flushe and no air came out. I am drawing a blank on how to solve the issue but something tells me the secondary cylinder has something to do with it. I used zip ties to tie the secondary cylinder in the up position to bleed...should I pump it like you do with the lever/pedal?
  12. price drop...$150?
  13. So I am having issues where I bleed my back brakes and after a day they pretty much have to be pumped several time to firm up. I have got any leaks and when i apply mild to mid pressure to the front brakes the secondary master cylinder "chatters" back and forth (my '97 never did this). Pads are new galfer black and discs are brand new as well. Any advice on how to solve this issue?
  14. Did you do the badges yourself? Mine have gotten quite old and ugly