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  1. NoOne65


    Thanks Blackhawkxx!! Thats just what I needed! James
  2. NoOne65


  3. NoOne65


    any difference between 97 XX and 99 XX fork tubes? I just bough springs and valves for my 99 but I forgot I have 97 forks on it Thanks James
  4. NoOne65


    hmm now that I think of it I wished I had C4 at the time I first took mine off...sorry no easy solution...I replied to your other post
  5. Mine were hard as rock even in the height of summer...it was extremely hard to get them off...ultimately I bought some off of ebay that were not as hard and cut the old ones off
  6. NoOne65

    Rear Spring

    anyone ever change the spring on the rear shock? I mean actually do it and not pay someone to do it
  7. NoOne65


    I Found the software on a German Micron exhaust site now I just need MAPs PS I am not worried about the port as I do have a laptop with serial port on it
  8. I just put a dual fan setup on my radiator with the main fan connected to the bird original fan source. now I am putting an adjustable fan relay on the second fan. I am searching for mounting advice. Due to the adjustability and the limited length of the temp probe it has to be somewhere under the front of the bike. I am thinking some sort of plate mounted on top of the horn but cant think of any other ways...looking for some input. I've attached some pics for reference
  9. NoOne65


    It likely has the default map as the wires were never connected. thanks for your input tho
  10. NoOne65


    Several years back when I got my 99 it came with a PC2 not installed. I am thinking this year before spring I might hook it up. Anyone have or know where I can get the software? also anyone have maps? my bird is stock except for the MIGs and K&N filter Thanks
  11. Where would you even put that? I have found a few at the popular hot rod stores but they all need to be inserted into the RAD and I am a little skeptical of that
  12. those of you that have added 2 fans and used separate adjustable thermo switch have a link to a decent one?
  13. also I was looking at the wrong fan spec...these are 6.5A at startup
  14. They are actually only 2" deep so they fit fine compared to the 2 3/4" the previous fan was and the headers melted that one good! I like your Idea of running them split.
  15. So Ended up getting a pair of SPAL 6.5" fans. I am thinking I should probably use a relay? MFG suggests 13A fuse for one fan but I cant recall OHMs law to figure what they will be in parallel. Opinions? suggestions?
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