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  1. 1995 VFR750 w/ 52k miles. Bike is flawless, and has been babied its entire life. Never down, raced, or abused -- adult owned. It's never spent a night outdoors and always washed after each trip. The pictures don't do the bike justice; you need to see it in person to really appreciate it! There are very few unmolested VFRs remaining on the road today - this is one of them! The last major service at 35,000 miles included a coolant flush, new plugs and wires, carburetor sync and adjustment, and a full valve inspection and adjustment. Bike has been run with a 50/50 synthetic blend it's entire life and has never had any mechanical issues -- it's a Honda! Bike has upgraded Corbin Gunfighter seat and backrest ($600+ for the pair!) in matching red along with the original rear seat cover that can be very difficult to find for these bikes. The bike also has a upgraded Honda VFR series regulators along with an integrated cooling fan to help prevent burnouts. The headlights have also been upgraded to McCulloch 5100k HID lamps with motorized hi/lo flappers for safety during day and night riding. Bike also currently has a set of Michelins Pilot Road twin compound tires front and rear that help this bike handle fabulously in all weather conditions. Also have a VFR750 custom cover, Lockhart Racing tank protector, original owner's manual, and the coveted Honda toolbag! As much as I hate to let this gorgeous bike go, I still have Jbow's ST1100 that I picked up a few years ago, and the VFR just keeps seeing less and less use. Time to trim down the toy list a little. Sad to see her go, but want to find her a home with someone that will appreciate and care for her as much as I have! $3,000 OBO -- call Jason @ 480-389-5501 High resolution pics at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/69474201@N06/ Note: Intercom System (Starcomm) has been removed from the bike.
  2. Not mine, but I can take a look at it for someone if need be... http://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/mcy/2517805220.html
  3. +1 on the PR2, great tire.. sticky and solid. No complaints 4 sets later!
  4. 33k miles? Shoulda drove that thing more often! I've got an 08 HB GT with 22k already
  5. As others have said, it's the oil. Regular oil is thicker when cold and thus doesn't flow as freely through the engine which causes the metallic tick noise. Synthetic won't be as thick and thus flow better and minimize the noise. In the miata I put 20/50 in the summer and 10/30 in the winter to eliminate ticking it in. If I don't switch in the summer the 10/30 is thin enough that it ticks, but if I leave it in the winter it's perfect. Same thing for the 20/50, too thick in the cold winter weather but perfect in the 110 degree days in the summer. And it's really obvious when it's time to change back and forth - the engine starts ticking like a monster...
  6. Might know someone interested in the Wing, but where did all the pictures go Dave?
  7. Have you cleared your cookies and temp files? Works for me...
  8. Perhaps asking $3800 for a 11yr old bike with 40k+ miles on it is a bit high?
  9. I'll contact the seller and see if he would be willing to send a set out for us to review and then return. After all, we are the world's largest CBR1100XX owners organization!
  10. 1. Battery terminals, check they are tight 2. Frame ground, check that it is tight 3. FI loom issue, might be a little more difficult to check..
  11. The family is currently moving, and I rode it up there to lend a hand. The movers came inside and told me that the "bike just fell over as we walked past it". Don't you hate it when bikes decide they want to sit down? In any case, it broke the right mirror cover and shattered the glass, and put a small scuff on the tip over cover. Not a mark on the bags or faring! Pretty lucky all things considered.... First incident with the bike, lets hope it stays that way!
  12. I figure the chances are low that someone here has the mirror internals for the right mirror on a 91 ST1100, but why not ask right? If you come across a set on another forum let me know! Thanks guys, Jason
  13. Date: July 13 2008 Time: 17:00 - 23:59 MST We will be performing several upgrades to our server this evening in an effort to fix some of the long standing issues (such as the floating time) as well as install some upgrades for the forum software. This update should also address several smaller issues experienced by various members relating to logins, cookies, etc. During this window the server will be offline for brief periods of time while data is relocated, which will cause the website to fail to load. The site should be restored by midnight after the maintenance window is complete. Thanks!
  14. Who do you think you're kiddin? Who the hell guys extra farings "just in case"? Guy must have only made it 2 blocks before dropping it and giving up on riding....
  15. The forum will be taken offline tonight for approximately two hours, between 10:00 PM MST and 11:59PM MST to conduct maintenance and upgrades. During this window the site may become slow or unresponsive. Additionally, the forum will be disabled all together for brief moments when database upgrades are being completed. I'll post back here when the upgrades are complete. This upgrade should eliminate some problems members have been having with cookies/logins, as well as adding several additional security measures to combat spam and potential software glitches. Thanks! Jason
  16. I always find these threads interesting because everyone talks about the bike overheating or getting too hot, yet has anyones bike actually overheated? On the bird if I'm in stop in go traffic sure it gets "hot", and by hot I mean warmer than if I was moving - but the bike never overheats, never dumps coolant, and never fails to run. As soon as I start moving in traffic again the bike cools right back down. A bike getting "hotter" and "overheating" are two completely different things. I'd be curious to know how many blackbird owners have actually seen their bikes overheat versus just "get hot". ... and considering I live in a state where it's 103 outside right now, and its 11:30PM - I'm not sure how much hotter it could get
  17. Other than regular maintenance items (tires, oil changes, chain, brakes, chain) just a R/R and a CCT.
  18. Indeed this unit was pre 11/07, I wasn't aware Escort was offering a patch - I'll have to let me friend know to take advantage of that. Anyone thats played with one of these earlier units knows what I'm talking about - makes the unit virtually useless....
  19. Correct, the X50 does do POP. But as far as upgrading to the 9500i, I wouldn't do it. A friend of mine bought a 9500i which I asked to borrow. After riding around on it for a week I must say I'm disappointed, in fact I think it's worse than the 8500 X50. You still can't upload points in to the unit via the upload port, and Escort just tells you it's "coming soon" but has no release date scheduled. But even more so than that is the operation of the unit. Sure, it has some cool features like the GPS speed reading, voice alerts, etc - but the actual detection portion I feel is lacking substantially. The unit doesn't "ramp up" in signal strength like the 8500 X50 does, giving you plenty of warning before the signal works its way up the levels. Many times I had the 9500i just come on all of a sudden at 1/2, or 3/4 max signal - practically when I was on top of a cop. I did some reading on the net, and apparently I'm not the only person experiencing this issue either. If it were me, I wouldn't upgrade. Just my two cents though!
  20. http://hartford.craigslist.org/mcy/606963127.html not bad Nice find. My 95 is up to 51k now, love the damm thing...
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