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  1. Found a bunch of old meet decals if anyone wants some. I have: MEGAXX Grey 4 MEGAXX black outline 4 MEGAXX Chrome 2 MEGAXX Black solid 4 OzarXX Black 11 OzarXX Silver 2 OzarXX Bird Black 2 OzarXX Bird Silver 4 Tell me what you want, then send me a self addressed stamped envelope and their yours!
  2. Would love to have it! I have the smaller Pro and surprised I haven't damaged it yet!
  3. Hard to believe you only had a "6" and not a "6S Plus".
  4. Damn, damn, damn! Oh well,,, your link shows them on sale for $179 anyway.
  5. Is it the Bridge 9.7? If so, send me a text! http://www.brydgekeyboards.com/
  6. Local Mazda dealer saw my add on Craigslist and called me. They offered me a trade in of $21,500 on a new CX-5. Which comes out to around $22,600 with the tax difference. And $1000 off sticker plus $500 previous owner discount. I told them I "may" be looking at a used '16 CX-5 shortly as I'm sure the price would be killer! So, $22,600 for a board member if anyone is interested!
  7. Larger tail pack sold to 97 exex. Others still need a new home!
  8. Of course! Everything pictured! Not in pic are brackets, also included of course.
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