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  1. 8-3-15 - PRICE LOWERED TO $12,999. If it doesn't sell I'll just keep it. Update 8-3-15 - Now for sale on cycletrader.com and smd.craigslist.org. http://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2007-Honda-Gold-Wing-1800-115241397 http://smd.craigslist.org/mcy/5154436917.html
  2. SOLD 9-16-15 - For asking price below to a fella from Winchester, VA. PRICE LOWERED TO $12,999. If it doesn't sell I'll just keep it. Update 8-3-15 - Now for sale on cycletrader.com and smd.craigslist.org. http://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2007-Honda-Gold-Wing-1800-115241397 http://smd.craigslist.org/mcy/5154436917.html Clear title in hand. Will deliver anywhere in the US for a dinner, drinks, sleepy time (your choice of cuddling or not) and a plane ticket back home to BWI (Baltimore International). 2007 Honda Goldwing that sadly spent most of its life in the garage and the first 5 years of it's life in corrosion free Arizona. I've put maybe 1000 miles on it in the last 3 years. 11,700 miles, only upgrades are the passenger armrests, RAM mount for GPS, and Kuryakyan highway pegs (spelling) which will come with the bike. Honda dealer installed 12 Volt socket in left front compartment. All maintenance has been done by Page Honda in Page Arizona. I've never turned a wrench on it myself. Bike is ready to go and the tires are new with maybe 500 miles on it. I grocery get with it to keep everything moving. Cool factor, I rode this wing on the Laguna Seca track in 2010 (I think) just before the Moto GP race. I have pics somewhere. It's been cross country twice, Page, AZ to Hollywood, MD and sadly accounts for the largest portion of it's mileage. All offers will be entertained but I'm not desperate so please be reasonable. I've seen higher mileage wings go for 12k to 16k with varying options packages. I'm thinking 14k is a good place to start and flexible to feedback on pricing. Been awhile since I've sold a bike and don't pretend to know the market. Give the poor girl a good home and ride her more than I ever did. Contact me via PM please or email to: louielehman at me dot com Thanks for looking. Giving members two weeks dibs before posting to craigslist and/or cycle trader. It is listed on my companies for sale section but I doubt anyone will bite as most of them are Harley riders. Louie
  3. http://hartford.craigslist.org/mpo/4588465275.html Louie
  4. I'll buy it but only if I can get that change in the little cubby to the left of the steering wheel. BTW I rode in this car slightly brand new and it was so smooth as silk back then. Rides great. Jokes aside, if I had the cash I would totally buy it. Owner financing available? Good luck with the sale. Louie
  5. Rob hit it on the head. I put 5 gallons of fuel in the tank and she started right up. Apparently the fuel gauge is jacked. It registered full. DOH! After I start her up, I get out to check for leaks and find a huge puddle of fuel on the ground. Awe Crap! Here comes the Kitty Litter. Turn it off, jack up the rear, put the stands in, and get to investigating. The fuel line had multiple holes in it just before the hard line. I cut the bad section off, bought a coupling, and added new hose to the fuel filter. Started right up again and no leaks. WOOT WOOT. Git R Dun! $108 dollar repair and a bunch of dirty laundry. Thanks fellas for the help. The Mercedes lives again.
  6. I should have updated this earlier.. The pump was bad and replaced. I filled the new fuel filter up with fresh gas as to prime the IN LINE fuel pump. I still cannot get pressure. Running the pump hard wired to 12v source still does not produce pressure at the fuel rail. Well I should say it produces some pressure and some fuel spits out occasionally. Almost like there is a hole in the line or I have not primed it properly. See below. Online research suggests I need push some fuel down the send line to the pump to prime it. I will try this week sometime. Ill let ya know what happens. Thanks for your help so far.
  7. Hey, Going to try my luck here since we have a wealth of knowledge. I have a 1995 Mercdes C220 that I just changed the INLINE fuel pump and filter on. It is not putting fuel to the injectors. I disconnected the fuel line at the rail and turned it over....NADDA. Disconnected one side of the line from the fuel filter and ran the pump with straight 12V and again NADDA...will not even pee fuel inches from the fuel pump. Is there something Im missing? Self Priming, Prime it myself? Im lost. Thanks for help and advice in advance.
  8. I purchased the following bearing puller to repair the inside bearings on my Honda TRX500 swingarm: http://www.harborfreight.com/15-piece-slid...r-set-5469.html One side went easy with the tool right out of the box. Then after about an hour of the hooks slipping on the other side I took a closer inspection and noticed the hooks were not truly flat. The casting was quite rough. Took a file to it and flattend things out, and it grabbed right ahold of the bearing race and pulled it right out in about 4 slides. Hopefully someone will find this tidbit useful. Recommend for the $22 price (before all your coupon codes) if ya don't mind fixing what the Chinese couldn't do right the first time. Louie
  9. Link up the GL board for me and I will do so...there r many so asking for reference on the one u personally use.
  10. So I have decided to give up my 2007 Ford F-150 in lieu of the Goldwing. After talking with some friends, loved one, and even conferring with some legal counsel a decision was made. This decision appealed mainly to my heart but I was glad it was reached. I can keep the Goldwing but I had to reach the decision by weighing out the current vehicle situation. I have several vechicles that are paid for and not even being used. Made no sense during my economic crunch to hold onto a new truck just so I could say I have a new truck. Thanks to all who inquired about the wing. Sorry for breaking any hearts but mine is left intact.
  11. That was a comfortable jacket and did a nice job keeping me warm coming back to Maryland from Dave's house. Fit my 5"6" frame perfectly. Good looking makes ya look all racer serious like.
  12. http://www.twobros.com/Cust_Service/Instal...-6804x_Inst.pdf Will that help? Not sure I am familiar with a shotgun system. Louie
  13. So I am on this totally modified Atkins, South Beach, excercise every day program. So far so good. Down to 235 from 255. I go t McDonalds today to do my form of cheating.... Quarterpounder - Just the meat, cheese, pickles, and onions Salad - With Ranch dressing...... And then it hits me.....The Newmans Own dressing packet says ALL NATURAL. Exactly when did it become important to claim that something was ALL NATURAL. Makes ya wonder how much stuff out there is NOT NATURAL that the neccessity exists to claim that something is truly ALL NATURAL. Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmm. Kind of like stupid news but........just noticing.
  14. partmonster

    FI again

    First what is SEAFOAM, and second you only need 91 or 92 octane anything higher is not a performance gain. Octane any higher is only helpfull IF you have a high compression engine or hot engine detonation problem. Scientifically you are 100% correct. Mentally it makes my bikes and cars faster. Plus you get gas octane braggin' rights. SeaFoam: Good stuff. http://www.seafoamsales.com/motorTuneUpTechGas.htm Mentally, it makes you stupid for throwing away good money on gas which buys you nothing, including no more power. IF you set up and dyno your bike with the different gas, and tune your power commander and air flow, etc, to run specifically for higher octane gas, you will get some performance gain. But at the expense of blowing a ton of money on fuel for little to no horsepower. You want to believe it helps you, fine. I've fun 87 in my birds and NEVER had a problem. I've run 93 octane and never felt a difference. Ron: Check out the manual http://www.cbr1100xx.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=32678 and read the codes, it will tell you what's wrong. I would suggest making sure all wires and sensors are firmly connected. Thank you for clearing that up. Nice to be grounded again. I was getting a little to high on my pedestal so I appreciate the baseball bat to the nuts. In hindsite I appreciate the wealth of knowledge and promise to never buy any gas over 89 octane again. The new mini-van owner's manual says 89 or higher so in an effort to not be "stupid" I will stick to the minimum recommendation of octane for all vehicles I own. Besides what the fuck do the gas companies know anyway? Thieving bastards. Trying to get that extra $1.30 out of me. How dare they? NBL Hobie. EDIT: Found this. Good Read with additional reference material links >> http://theserviceadvisor.com/octane.htm#5
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