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HELP! My Blackbird on gets 100 miles to a tank!


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Hi, I really hope someone can come to my rescue as I'm at my wits end.

I have a 2002 blackbird purchased privatley about a month ago.

It seems to be overfueling as I only get 100 miles to a tank, the bike constantly smells of fuel and after a few minutes of warming up the engine cuts out if I let the revs drop.

I've tried taking it a Honda dealer to plug into the diagnostic machine, but to no avail.

Has anyone experianced anything similar with their Blackbirds?




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On my 2000 Bird, I had the constant fuel smell as well, found out by lifting the tank and turning the key that the fuel line connectors were seeping out fuel as the injectors increased pressure within the line and the line expanded. Not noticeable unless you turned the key to engage the FI. I ended up replacing the fuel line and fuel pressure regulator as well and all is well.

I didn't have an idle cutoff issue though, and I'd doubt this would solve it. Someone more technical on here can perhaps address this..

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I would lean more towards the fuel line itself. Mine let go at the crimps, and fuel was leaking out and down the vent hose to the ground. The only way I noticed it was by cranking it up and pulling the plastic piece back on the shifter side of the bike. Then I saw the fuel leaking from the crimp.

If the regulator goes out, it's still combusting the fuel as it stays in the vaccuum lines or back to the tank, regardless it stays in the closed loop. Raw fuel smell indicates a leak. Not to mention, if the regulator went out it floods the engine with fuel if it's left sitting for several hours or overnight. That's how I found out mine was bad. Rode home Friday night, Saturday morning I have an engine with fuel overflowing the throttle bodies. Hydrolock!

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