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Thought I would post up about Cycle Gear- specifically Corporate, and Redding, CA. During TBME, we had several tires go, a chain, and a set of brakes. During multiple trips to Cycle Gear in Redding, we were all treated very well by Carlos and his staff. He gave us discounts on the parts- I don't know if this was a store wide thing, or if he gave it to us as a group thing after we had been in and identified ourselves a couple of times. When CAPPEL noticed my front tire had been mounted wrong, (backwards), by Cycle Gear San Antonio, Carlos loaned me stands to pull off the front wheel, helped with the work, remounted and balanced the tire for free- wouldn't hear of payment. He tried to throw in a set of brake pads I needed for the "inconvienence" too. All the while his entire staff was very helpful, came out to make sure I didn't need anything several times. At the corporate level, I had ordered a new pair of leathers for the trip. They arrived from the warehouse without knee pucks. Tiffany arranged for me to pick up a pair of pucks at the local store on my way out of town. On returning to SA, I had noticed that a zipper was going bad on the pants, and Tiffany, (again), arranged to have the pants sent to a tailor here in town on the Cycle Gear tab, and get them repaired. (I didn't want to return them, as they had been well broken in on the trip to CA) Great people, great service. :icon_clap:

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Isn't nice when people do the "right" thing? A rarity at times I know, but still nice none the less. Maybe a little forum name dropping might be in order with these folks for a group buy. Did you CC or forward the link of your review to them? Being that you are on thier good side as you are, I'm sure that they would appreciate the additional business even if it's at a reduced margin. Drop me a PM to give me any details that may arise from this idea if it's executed.

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I'm glad you posted this. They are getting ready to open a new store next week about 2 miles from my house-and wanted an opinion. Maybe I can get a good deal on a set of tires on opening day???

You probably can. I've had great luck at Cycle Gear regarding tires. You just need to keep an eye open for sales. I picked up a set of Pilot Powers for $170 last Spring. I'm glad they opened a store here.

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I'm assuming this is the place you guys are talkin' about???



Still highly recommended. They've recently taken back two busted chain tools, no questions asked, one without a receipt. And our SA location gives great mechanical advice, too.

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I'll add my two cents... They really understand the concepts of customer service!!! My local Meridian store ALWAYS treats me well whether I'm buying big ticket items like tires and whatnot or if I'm just in to buy a quart of oil. I also had the opportunity to deal with the Springfield OR store. They found and held a Diablo Strada for me and were quick about getting it mounted 'n balanced before the skys opened up on me.

Highly recommended!

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