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  1. I've taken mine apart twice, once for a jet kit and once to clean the low speed jets. I didn't replace any seals or gaskets. Just be careful and do not force things.  If the carbs have never been removed, it may take some effort to remove them from the bike.  The rubber to the head kind of get stuck but a litter rocking back and forth plus a tiny bit of prying will get it done.

  2. 3 hours ago, superhawk996 said:

    He might subscribe to the theory that changing trans fluid will kill it, many are in that camp.  Maybe it does happen sometimes, but I've only had positive results, even with neglected trannies that were already having issues.

    My son has told me stories of it, where a customer wanted the trans fluid changed against the advise of him.  After changing, the trans was slipping.  I think it all depends on the circumstances of the vehicle.  I'm a changer but I've never tried it on a very abused vehicle. 

  3. 3 hours ago, SwampNut said:

    A decorative owl or the spinning flashy things should stop that, no?


    Do they really work?  Back in the day some would tie a aluminum pie plate to a stick with string to keep birds away but I don't want to ugly up my back yard.  These robins are bold and will drop down on the ground 15' from you.

  4. I've been fighting robins digging holes in the mulch and flinging it into the grass to be hit with the mower.  First I tried spraying it with straight ammonia and one hour later, there they were, didn't bother them at all.   Ended up putting edging that at least stops them from putting the mulch in the grass.  

  5. On 6/4/2024 at 4:34 PM, RXX said:



    You should save it. Stack it tight and use them to make rough tables, rustic doghouses, chicken coops. That sort of stuff. It tears me up to be at a landfill throwing away old mattresses to see guys dumping loads of perfectly good old wood away. 

    Speaking of throwing away wood, I saw this the other day that had been cut up and put out.  I was trying to figure out what it was until my wife said that there used to be a bowling alley there many decades ago.  The metal bar that holding them together appeared to be cast iron.  I found it interesting.




  6. Got the petcock today and took most of the gas out of the tank but not all.  Removed the tank and flipped it over on the work surface, moved the tank around a little to make sure no fuel was leaking out of the filler cap.  It started leaking out of the vent port so I lifted that end up and it started shooting out it.  I grabbed a vacuum cap to stop it.  I think it was the combination of the heat of the garage and pressure built up by moving it that made it come out because after I turned the tank upright and opened the filler cap, there was a good bit of pressure. I was sad that the foam under the tank got gas on it because it was perfect.  Anyway everything else went well and it ran fine though I didn't ride it because of pop up rain in the area. 

    The old one was OK and I think would have lived for some years but there was a something on it brown colored that could be slightly felt with the finger as can be seen in the photo.  I could see the filter/screen from inside the tank and it looked clean, like new so I didn't take any of that apart but did check the air filter since I had it apart.




  7. 2 hours ago, XXitanium said:

    At what point do things quit disappearing from your garage that you suspect your children of? 


    Never for me.  You look and look where you 'know' you put it but no.  So you give up and buy new.  Not much time passes and there it sits, the tool you were looking for from the start.  Now the question is, do you put the new tool with the old tool or somewhere different so it will up the chances of finding it in five years when you  are looking for it again?

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  8. 5 hours ago, silverbird1100 said:

    Can't all be pretty





    1994 bleckbird???  I think someone hit their head on a tree or something.

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  9. 3 hours ago, superhawk996 said:

    Restricting the exhaust while keeping the same amount of outside air is kinda like leaning out the mixture that's acting on the sensor making it think the exhaust is cleaner.  If it can't breath it'll show the opposite, a richer/dirtier mixture.

    Doesn't the the computer use the O2 sensor in part to determine the fuel mixture?  If so, wouldn't giving it a false reading change the way the car runs?

  10. 8 hours ago, XXitanium said:

    .and you hit it, you're at fault. So the claim is only partially covered and your rates may increase?

    Back in 1978 on I-70 at night I hit a trailer truck tire/wheel that had just came off a truck, taking out the spoiler, sway bar and oil pan.  He had already pulled over.  The truckers insurance paid for it.

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  11. 7 minutes ago, TOXXIC said:

    I should buy a new plug. The threads appeared unhappy. I agree, having the vehicle lift is a total game changer. Super grateful for the lift just wish I had one starting about 30 years ago.. The  lift is certainly a “friend magnet”. 🤣

    I should have said oil pan threads as that would have made a really bad day if they came out with the plug.

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  12. 9 hours ago, TOXXIC said:



    I just changed the oil on Molly's Subaru Outback, (SOB) I wish I could find the Subaru Tech who touched it last… FUCKING COCK SUCKING MOTHER FUCKER. 🤬


    He must have applied the oil fill cap with a specialty tool torqued to about 60 pounds. The OIL FILL CAP!! Who does that?? . After I carefully removed it with a wrench my buddy said, “I bet the oil tech got fucked in the ass for forgetting to put the oil cap on previously.”  Oddly, the Subaru cap appears to have slots for a speciality tool to be inserted for tightening…I’d never noticed that before. 

    Next, when I tried to remove the oil drain plug with a 14mm socket and a 3/8’ ratchet wrench it wouldn’t budge. So, when I moved to a 1/2’ ratchet and it didn’t budge I began to become concerned. I pulled out the “Big Gun” the DeWalt 3/8’ cordless impact. The same tool I have pulled old, rusty bumper bolts with! Nada. Fucking reefed on.


    ‘’Out comes the DeWalt 1/2” cordless impact gun which I use for pulling wheel lug nuts. 

    Well, the mother fucking oil drain plug busts loose, spins off, and I got hit with projectile oil vomit from the Subaru’s 45 degree exit drain plug. A fucking geyser which drenched my pants from the hip to the knee, and these were not my shop pants.


    I was pretty infuriated as I hadn’t bothered to put on my mechanics coveralls as it was a one bolt job.


    I decided to,change the oil on the SOB shortly after putting adjustable lower control arms on my buddy’s Jeep TJ. (The one we swapped Rubicon running gear into.)


    So, the  point of this whole story…? I looked up the torque spec for a Subaru Outback oil drain plug and torqued that bitch to a perfect 25 foot pounds. 😀

    I am glad for you that the oil plug threads survived the massive over torque.   As far as you pants, I just hate that.  You are just going to do one little thing and bam, something happens.   But at least you didn't have to crawl out from under the car 50 times as you tried different tools and drain the oil like the rest of us peons. 

  13. 14 hours ago, SwampNut said:

    I've never turned one down, and they don't seem to care.  I never release tension on any spring; guns, tools, whatever.  Doesn't seem to matter.  I've been assured that I will fuck up my bandsaw because I don't do it; still waiting after like 15-20 years.


    I just follow the instructions just like not sticking my finger in an electric closing hatch.  🙂

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