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I recently purchased a set of full caliper service kits with stainless steel pistins from these guys.  The quality of the parts is excellent, the people are very helpful.




Note: I did have an issue with my kit, one of the seals was the wrong size and the piston simply slipped out of the bore when it was fitted, once I had sent them the information and a video of the issue I was having they immediately dispatched a replacement seal and got it to me the following working day.  If you live on the Isle of Man like I do and the item is posted from the UK that's some achievement.  They also have now quarantined all of their Blackbird seal kits and are checking them for correct sized seals as a result of this.


From a technical perspective, these are squared seals so can be fitted either way up unlike the usual tapered seals you get for calipers, they also look too big to fit prior to fitting, approx 1/2 a millimeter bigger inside diameter before fitting than the outside diameter of the piston.  Once fitted the seals are slightly proud of the inner bore making for a good snug fit. 


This uniqueness did cause a small issue when I reported the seal was incorrect as it turns out that a lot of people who buy the kits don't read the instructions and call them before attempting to fit the seal saying the seals are too large, hence why I sent a video of the problem to them so they could see the piston fall from the bore with the seal fitted.

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