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If you are looking to order parts from the UK - then John (owner) of JAWS motorcycle parts is the way to go.

John is very friendly, stays on top of your order - will keep you advised of the status and is a forum member as well.


e-mail: Straightfour@aol.com

web site: www.jaws-motorcycles.co.uk

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I agree with this one. John is a great guy to order from. Purchased an item on Thursday and asked if he would let me know when it shipped. Emailed me right back and said it was in the mail.

Great person to deal with.


Update: Purchased on Thursday and received on Wednesday. Holy shit. Not even a week!!

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Ditch, see the little smiley, right there after the word French?? I doubt John has anything against the French, but I do :twisted:

Seriously dude, that was almost a year ago, you know back when the world was against the US and the French lead the rebellion.

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A thank you goes out to both John at 'Jaws' and John at 'Bikebits' Ordered some parts from Jaws and John brought them back with him while he was over there. Added the Schrooms and frame plugs after work today took all of 45 seconds to install both and they fit like a glove. I really like the way the plugs improve the looks of the bike.



These two guys are a couple of the best people that I've ever had the pleasure to deal with.

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john is a straight up guy. he stays on top of your order.does not give any bullshit about your order. and has helped sort out problems that did not apply to something you have bought from him. i would order or check with him first before goining any where else.A++++ service

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I just had to add my .02 worth

Since I spend a week each year disrupting John's (Jaws) and his Wife Maureen's, house, I just have to say anytime there is info or parts that you are looking for and can not find John is always willing to help out anyway he can especially if it involves the Super BlackBird.

He is a wealth of knowledge and I have the highest respect for him and like him as a man also. Not to mention his wonderful wife !! Maureen as the better looking half for sure !!

Thanks for the prop's Dion

I usually communicate with John a couple times a week so if a problem exists that I can be of help again don't hesitate. I will be at his home again this year, in Thetford the last week of May. Begin planning on what you like me to bring back with me. Just begin planning please. I will post up again before I go to see what we need to arrange as the time gets closer.


AKA: Florida John while in England

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