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Guidelines for Posting in the For Sale/Wanted Section

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Fine print first:

CBR1100XX.org, its owners, administrators, moderators, and members, assume no liability for loss or damages incurred while using the site, including but not limited to the For Sale/Wanted section. CBR1100XX.org and its forementioned constituents assume no liability for loss or damages incurred by any merchandise or service advertised herein. CBR1100XX.org and its aforementioned constituents do not provide escrow, insurance, or guarantee for any purchase or sale made through the use of the site. The For Sale/Wanted section is maintained as a non-profit service for the members of CBR1100XX.org and is accordingly moderated.

Okay, now that is out of the way, here's the deal.

1. Any merchandise or legitimate service provided by the .org member can be listed.

2. Links to merchandising websites other than the purpose of illustration are prohibited. Referral links violate #1 above.

3. Essential discretion and courtesy to fellow member's posts are strongly encouraged.

4. Posts will be moderated and modified or deleted as deemed necessary by the moderating/administrative team.

5. The original poster of an ad may request a moderator to remove any replies they feel are unwarranted or inappropriate.

This is not the Pub. While a casual atmosphere is maintained throughout the website, it is important to note that the For Sale section is globally viewable. That means your family and coworkers can read what you post here. Light-hearted banter and technical discussion revolving around an item or service offered is completely acceptable. If you have issue or concern with the item/service in question, including authenticity, pricing, location, condition, or anything else, please take it to the original poster (OP) via PM or email, or if that fails, contact a moderator or administrator with your concerns before ultimately airing your concerns in the open thread.

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