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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I need a little help I got into an accident with my Blackbird back in August and I'm in the process of fixing it now. I'm confused about some parts, I can see to find pretty much everything I need besides something called "guide oil air cooler" which sits in the very front of the upper cowl that the air ducts connect to? Kinda the mesh guard you see in the front, I'll post photos of the accident and before it happened but I would appreciate it if I could get a small list of parts needed to entire rebuild the upper cowl and how to go about doing this, this is my first small rebuild project. Everything else about my blackbird is all good, engine is perfectly fine, sides and rear end didnt get damaged at all. Unsure the condition of my forks but I plan on looking into that after I rebuild the upper cowl! So far all I know of that I need to replace is my mirror/dash bracket mount, of course new fairings and just a new headlight assembly but if I could get some help figuring out what else I'll need, it would be much appreciated!!
  2. I snapped off one of the internals on my son's new-to-him 1997 Blackbird. I'd like to get it right for him. I've cruised around the web for hours. I can't find much information on the Manic Salamander brand. Some of the reading I did suggested that they use the OEM internal bar-weight hardware Honda provided. I assume need to pull the old weight/core out. Am I going to have to take off the grip? They're really nice. I don't want to mess them up.I took some pictures that I'll post. I've only ever re-attached purchased ends into the existing hardware TIA Bill
  3. Only selling because I am moving house, need to clean the stable. As you all know, one of Honda's best models, the Blackbird is a versatile sports tourer, the fastest production bike of its time, and a mile eater. This bike has a full service history, recently serviced with new tires. I ride it mostly with no bags, but have a full Givi rack with side and top boxes for separate negotiation. This bike comes as original black, but it also has a full extra body kit, all panels and tank - this is custom paint in dark camo. It takes about an hour to switch from original to custom. For history buffs the second set of panels/tank was done to commemorate the Supermarine Spitfire, the plane that dominated the skies over England in WW2. Left hand low speed low side means some scratching on l/h exhaust, and minor scratches on the custom panels - original bodywork is clean. I have loads more pics and video. 18K miles, $3,500 North Chicago area
  4. Ok the time has come... Ive thrown this around before but now its time to get her up and going to a new home. Im not interested in parting it out just due to my schedule and ive parted several bikes out before and without having a truck anymore it makes it difficult to send big items out in boxes. Ive already sold my 09 Repsol now time to let the XX go and soon my RC will be up on the block. Here is a list of mods... Suspension: Ohlins custom R&T forks, Ohlins custom R&T Shock with adjustable ride height. Also has Scotts Radial Steering Damper. Suspension professionally set up for a 210lb rider. Wheels: Dymag TRI Spoke Carbon Fiber Rims in perfect condition. Currently running -1 front sprocket and +1 rear sprocket. Bike has speedo healer installed but I never set up the ratio. I believe stock is 17/44 for stock I am running 16/45. I am still running a 530 chain and sprocket set up. Brakes: Front brake is running 6 piston tokico calipers (01-02 GSXR1000 stockers) with ABE petal rotors with Galfer pads, Galfer brake lines and RC51 master cylinder. Rear brake is a brembo 84MM (stock ducati just about every model caliper) with underslung bracket Galfer rotor pads and brake line. Brakes are of course delinked. Hand Controls: Giles gold vario bars with risers, action quick throttle kit, RC51 start/stop switch, Euro left hand control switch with flash to pass (but no hazards). Choke is a 900RR cable mounted to the triple/clip on. Pazzo gold shorty levers with black adjusters. Clutch is a Galfer line with RC51 master cylinder and aftermarket slave cylinder. Clip ons also have giles gold bar ends. Foot Controls: Gilles fully adjustable gold rear sets with black shift toes. Passenger pegs also have adapters and are running matching Giles foot pegs. Engine: Bike has been dyno tuned it is running a Deklevic header with two brothers carbon/gold M5 VALE canisters. BRC race air filter, Dyno Jet titanium jet kit, ignition advancer, Factory evo shift kit and barnett full clutch kit. Oil cooler lines were replaced with HEL stainless lines. Bike runs engine ice for coolant and runs very cool. Ballistic battery with quick disconnects. Body: Bike has Delkevic upper fairing, left and right lowers and a stock tail section. They have all been custom painted African White which is the white of the old school repsols. I have a small bottle of touch up paint I believe it came from house of colors. Paint job quality is better than stock!!! All decals replaced with carbon fiber decals which are all under clear coat. Bike has several carbon fiber accent/replacement pieces mostly from Majical Racing and A-tech to include gage panel face, inner upper fairing pieces, frame cover pieces, carbon tech rear huger, carbon fiber front fender with fender extender, majical racing mirrors with clear signal indicators, clear tailight with integrated signals, carbon fiber engine covers both sides, corse racing billet aluminum open sprocket cover, all air vent pieces are filled with gold painted mesh peices also gold mesh radiator coverr and majical racing double bubble carbon fiber/clear windscreen. Lower fairings are attached to upper with 1/4 DZUS fasteners and all other body fasteners have been replaced with black powder coated bolt kit except for the windscreen. Carbon fiber look undertail with carbon fiber license plate bracket and gold CBR1100XX mounting bolts. Same design valve stem caps on the wheels. Gage faces are indoglo gages (blue/green) with adjustable intensity and am using a black quick release gas cap. I installed the Honda OEM carbon fiber decal kit for the RC51/1000RR which includes several carbon fiber pads one on top front of gas tank, one on rear of gas tank (tank protector) side tank protectors (knee grips) and one patch on the rear tail. It adds a nice accent to the bike. Extra's: Corbin beetle bags painted to match. Corbin Gun fighter with Lady and back rest in carbon fiber weave pattern, Corbin smuggler seat painted to match seat is in carbon fiber weave pattern, Corbin Glove box (primered because the wife wasnt a big fan of it on the bike as she likes to hold the rear handle and it pinched her hands so I didnt bother to have it painted). Bike has installed OEM alarm system that is plug and play and very clean and comes with 2 key fobs and both extra keys owners manual tool bag and Official Honda Service Manual. Bike has less than 18K miles and as stated earlier I installed a speedo healer at 6880 miles but never set it up. I have never had the infamous cam chain rattle issue and I am very familiar with this problem as I owned 3 87/88 CBR1000F's which had cam chain rattle and it was an internal tensioner that was a pita to replace compared to the XX. Currrently I am in the process of performing the 16K service to include NGK Lazer Iridium spark plugs, valve clearence check (rarely do they require adjusting at this low miles) Oil change Spectro Golden, new oil filter, magentic drain plug install, cleaning BRC race air filter, replacing all radiator hoses with Samco urban silicon hose kit (white black grey camoflague pattern) and a few other minor adjustments and replacing the all aluminum sprocket with a Super Sprox rear sprocket. Bike is not perfect it has been down 4 times. Pre ownership original owner was very short and backing out of his driveway had fallen over once on the right side and once on the left cracking and scratching original body work. This was replaced immediately by me only to have it vandalized in my gilfriends parking garage. The bike was pushed over on its side into her car where they stole my dymag wheels and rotors. At this time I replaced all body work with the Delkevic, had it custom painted and purchased new wheels rotors pads sprocket. Then after dyno tuning Lees Cycle in San Diego decided to take it for a joy ride and as the tehcnician pulled a u turn out of the shop he fell over. The left mirror was damaged and replaced along with a few minor scratches and scuffs hardly noticeable on the left side body and carbon fiber engine cover so I never bothered to get it fixed. The bike had the corbin bettle bags installed and the left bettle bag suffered some scratches. I have not repaired this yet either. I believe I have the replacement decal and the quote I received to repair all body work was only a few hundred dollars as it was all so minor. Overall I get compliments of the bike everywhere I go, no one believes how old it is and its still fast as hell. First second or third gear a fist full of throttle stands her right up at attention and she will float the front wheel under hard acceleration over 120MPH. She handles far better than any bike her size and just to give my buddy shit who sold his 07CBR1000RR and got a 2013 Busa we went out for a few runs... and I can say with all honesty off the line I take him every time and he cant catch up, drop downs on the freeway at 60MPH he pulls half a bike on me and stays there up till 185 and in 80MPH full throttle top gear runs he gets a bike length on me and again stays until 185. This is indicated on his bike as my speedo is inaccurate and I have not tried to take it any faster nor did he cuz 185 is pretty crazy even on wide open freeway... Bike has been ridden but also well cared for, never abused or drag raced/road raced but I have done some ego runs out in the canyons and random freeway take offs. In all seriousness im asking 10K for the bike and extras obo. I wont go less than 8500. I have over 30K into this bike and I dont have to sell it, in fact my wife doesnt want me selling it but with my recent flare up of my back injury from 2005 and later this year the Mission R will be in my garage im afraid this beauty and beast will end up just sitting and Id rather see it go to a good home. oh and the base decal has been removed! Bike is Nov in the current calander and was featured in the throw back article done on the XX in sport rider magazine. http://www.sportrider.com/sportbikes/1997-2003-honda-cbr1100xx-great-sportbikes-past Im sure there are a dozen other things done to this bike I have forgotten about to either 1 safely make it lighter, increase performance or handling or some radom cosmetic thing to make it look better. Ive customized several bikes over the years and some pictures attached so you can get an idea of how anal I am at these things with regard to fit form and function while retaining beauty and I am also a Honda tech. I do have some matching gear that can be included if desired (jacket, suit and 2 pair gloves) however the suit has CBRBEAR on the butt along with a lil growling bear logo. It can be covered with a patch of I can just own ur ass...lol BTW picture with the bettle bags and gun fighter and lady with back rest is an older picture and the only one I could find with them installed on this computer. If I went through all the photos ive ever posted on this forum there are probably 50 or so other pics many more detailed.
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