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Found 3 results

  1. Hi All: I've owned a 2003 Blackbird with 15k miles on it for about a year now and it's in nearly pristine condition. Runs like a top and never had any issues. Last week I headed from Toledo, OH to Walton, Ky to attend the Total Control riding course. Basically, it's one long day in a baking hot parking lot learning proper throttle and cornering, and such. Each maneuver is at pretty slow speeds and there's lots of time sitting in idle with the bike running, waiting for your turn to go. Each time I sat motionless I watched the digital temp creep up, up, up. Highest temp was around 2
  2. What say the forum? Looking at replacing the battery in my CBR1000RR. Considering a lithium as a quick search shows them at about the same price as a Yuasa lead acid type. Of course that will likely mean a charger capable of charging this type of battery. If you have charger input throw it in the thread. I have vaguely followed these the past few years but wasn't buying. I figure the weight loss may be a good thing for a litre bike. The prices and varieties have changed rapidly.
  3. With the power switched to ON, but not started, what should the base voltage be on a good battery? How far should it drop during the starting cycle (when the drain is heaviest)? As a precaution, I will take the battery in for load testing, but it tested fine last time (last year?). I'm getting 12.5v but it will start to drop fast, and I've seen it drop as low as 9v during startup. Keep in mind, I have at least one HID bulb drawing power as soon as the bike is turned on, so that might be the cause. Pulling the fuse for the headlights, I get 12.5v with a dro
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