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  1. Went to the race track. Bike low on power. Wtf? Noticed throttle bodies not fully in, kind of loose. Fixed that. Bike still down on power. Sounding weird. Was hot like a fuck. Not gonna work on it in 90 deg high humidity. Went home with intention of getting to the bottom of that. Went home. Could not find nothing, by 10 pm called it off. Screw it. Fix it later. Lost three days of riding. Sad. Started to pull the engine out on Saturday. Once I got all plasticware out I got to the bottom of the problem. Loose Ignition wire. Lol. Here is what happened. Bike died towards the end of Gingerman day back in early July. No engine codes, but there was no ignition and fuel. I simply observed fuel injectors and spark plug (hence loose Ignition wire) during cranking, and concluded it was crank position sensor acting up. Ordered parts and,,, went to Poland for couple of weeks. When I finally decided to replace offending sensor it was already late August. Or, about 7 weeks later. Without thinking much I just assumed everything was back in order on the top of the engine. Bike fired right up. Keep in mind crossplain sounds lumpy to begin with, one cylinder not firing is not clearly obvious. Lesson? My memory is not what it used to be( Bill Clinton voice) you better write a note on what have you done, and attach it to the bike.
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