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  1. haha.... yea I'm the whitebird owner... again (thanks to swampnut) Had a new set of tires put on and shop mentioned that rotors and pads should be checked into... Bike is still in AZ at my bud's place, so I haven't personally pulled the calipers to check the pads and haven't measured the rotor thickness/runout I don't know if you swapped in new pads or not Heading out to AZ late this month and will inspect... if you happen to have a new set of pads let me know Thanks yall... RedWings
  2. Seems that it's time to replace the rotors and pads What's the general recommendation on these items for street and spirited canyon runs? No track days in the future... mostly casual rides with some fun corners System is de-linked if that info is relevant thanks
  3. Bike SOLD to Superhawk996 via Swampnut He picked it up last night and rode off into the night...
  4. - Gave her a wash and wax and took a few pictures to show the powder-coated rims, double bubble, custom seat, etc
  5. Dibs is dibs... maybe you should have offered me a large bribe to skip the line (JK)
  6. I believe I did. - Boats, cars, bikes, guns, chicks, going fast..... and bargains ! Sold to superhawk996
  7. correction : the tank was never damaged just re-painted and the trailer is a 6.5' x 10' bed not a 16' bed (thats my old one and my memory sucks)
  8. $2000 or best offer Located in Phoenix, AZ Clear title 48,500 miles Custom balloon white pearl paint (Lamborghini paint code) Outer "hoop" of wheels powder coated white (will update pics) - mods: <500 mile on new pair of Pilot Pro 3 tires VFR bars Penske rear shock with remote reservoir Racetech 1k springs in front on fresh oil/seals linked brake deleted with stainless lines EBC pads new OEM bearings and cush rubber in wheels fresh sprockets and chain custom covered stock seat with gel insert, real nice work aftermarket windscreen, its the good one with light smoke clear turn lenses buell peg mod johnXX frame plugs - The right OEM exhaust can has abrasion on the leading edge I dropped it at 5mph into pea gravel (yea that sucked) repaired the plastics and tank and decided on a custom paint scheme had the wheel hoops powder coated white no stickers or decals rear wheel has some scratches in the powder coat - She's been a fine bird and I have taken good care of her Don't have time to ride anymore and she's ready for a new home - I can add a 16' steel trailer with a pair of nice pivoting wheel chocks for $500 if you want to tow it home Don't need it anymore... could use new planking, its a good value at that price - not interested in parting the bike out
  9. Thinking about picking up a set of Two Bros carbon black cans for weight and appearance do I need a Power Commander III ? Bird is a 2001 Fuel Injected - Am I insane to throw another $750 at the bike ? Anyone actually running this setup ?
  10. the setup uses HEL stainless braided lines, brand new fluid, a full caliper flush, and new EBC HH pads the lever feel is much stiffer on both the front and rear as expected the braking feedback at hand and foot is really nice, linked didn't give this accurate tactile feedback I'd say they are "touchy" now, and buddy that rode it also mentioned that they are "instant" It isn't all that accurate to make a comparison to my old pads, fluid, various valves, lines, etc my linked brakes always had a soft feel to them, even after a full bleed and new pads I really like the new setup and looking forward to trying it out with fresh tires One thing occurred to me, there are less parts that can fail, and that's a good thing Been riding around re-learning my Bird from a braking perspective... timing, front/rear balance, approach speed, etc I can confirm that it REALLY stops from 100MPH, did a little test and yea.. they work real good
  11. I just delinked my brakes and very happy with the results. Have everything removed from the bird, the metal pipes were cut during removal so those are in the trash Everything else is in a trash bag to contain leakage and is sitting under my workbench Anyone want the removed parts, send me an IM with your address and I'll let you know the shipping cost Dibs is respected, so call it if you want it Cheers
  12. So the table saw is equivalent to two refrigerators, one stove, a curling iron, and a blender makes perfect sense now :icon_shifty:
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