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  1. Hey, Last time I was in the market for chains ans sprockets I found this sprocket with a life time warranty on it. I am just over 25k miles on the chain and sprocket and I have not adjusted my chain once. A few week back I was at the shop for some work and the mechanic though it was a new set. He couldn't believe the milage that was on it. DID ZVM2-x 530 chain Supersprox 45 back sprocket (http://www.supersproxusa.com) Steel 18 from sprocket It wasn't a cheap set to buy but the quality is there for sure. Just food for thought.
  2. I had been looking for a lithium battery for a while but after seeing prices all over the 500$ mark I dropped the idea. If the price is close to what is marked on their website I have no idea why you would want the OEM replacement from Yusa. Partsman, Please update us on price and will for myself shipping to Ottawa, ON. Cheers,
  3. I just saw this on CL. http://ottawa.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-mo...QAdIdZ271919326
  4. I used them this summer and I am very happy with price and service there. I would highly recommend. I saved ~150$ versus deal price here in Ottawa. Well worth the 2 hours drive. Cheers,
  5. Hey, Nice system!! Has you had any problems with cracks on the tail section. I like the cleanest of it but seem like it would put a large load on 2 bolts very close to each other on the subframe. Cheers, emile
  6. Hey all, I just placed an order at LocoX for new boots and gloves at locoX. I did a quick search online and found a 10% off coupon. Just insert the word GOLOCOX when you check out and you get 10% off. Worked for me. Cheers,
  7. Hey Guys, I hope everyone is happy as I am that the season is started. Over the christmas break I bought a new slip-on. To install it I will have to remove the mid pipe and it's on pretty tight. (I think is has some of that exhaust sealant) What is the best tecnique to remove the mid pipe without bending the headers? Thanks
  8. Hey Ray, Just as comparision I have 6000K in mine. Higher the rating the more blue or purple the light will be. Whatever you pick you will never go back to none HIDs. Cheers
  9. Para045: You took the words right of my mouth. Also since you park your bike in gear I am finding it a real pain of the extra step of having to put her in neutral then starting then back into gear. Simple but that is me.
  10. Thanks for the info. I will look at is tonight and let you know. Cheers,
  11. Hello guys, Got the bird out and man it's a great felling after a few days of riding her now I cannot start her up if she is in gear. But after she is started I put her in gear and ride off no prob. (yes the kick stand is up) Where is the sensor that checks if the clutch is pulled in before starting?? I am guessing it is something simple but I just can't put my hand on it. Thanks in advance for the help. Cheers.
  12. I honestly don't know the brand. If you want brand name I guess these aren't for you but for form and function this will work great. They have 9 to 12 way adjustable for the pegs and the shift and brake has a short and a long setting. Cheers
  13. Hey, I had bought these hoping to install them but then I had an accident (Yes I am completely fine) and well no more riding for me for this summer as I have no money to repair it. So since I have these laying around I figured I would sell them to buy bus tickets. (Yup the bus sucks) I am looking to get 265CDN$ what I paid for and well I know i can't get my shipping cost back so I will ship in canada and the usa for free. (within reason - I checked and shipping to california will only be around 15$) Also, I didn't take a picture of the hardware that came with but that is also included. Here are some pictures. They aren't perfect quality cause I have no digital camera so they are taken with my phone. PM me if interested.
  14. Hey all, I was curious if anyone knew from experience if there are other bikes that have the same bolt pattern as the XX for rearsets. (ie. would rearsets from say a cbr 900RR fit perfectly on an XX) Let me know if anyone out there has information. Cheers,
  15. Ah thanks folks for all the info. Finally I did end up finding a reasonably priced FI tank for sale and I grabbed it right away. Cheers,
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