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  1. It's time to part with my beloved bird. My young family has changed my priorities and time commitments. Hope to get back into it someday down the road. This 18 year relationship has been awesome, truly a wonderful machine. See a link to my ad below. You'd be hard pressed to find a nicer '97, especially so well equipped. http://stlouis.craigslist.org/mcy/5762700002.html Thanks for looking!
  2. '97 XX w/~60K miles, bought new in 5/98 (just celebrated our 10 yr. anniversary) Bike only has cosmetic and ergonomic mods, nothing mechanical. -2 R/R's, one at 20K miles and one at 40K miles. Finally got a really good one now, don't expect further problems. -Tool kit band busted. -rear shock basically died but was still pretty rideable, got a Penske recently. -several broken push-pins -1 low beam bulb -1 high beam bulb. -2 or 3 dash bulbs -rear brake caliper was pushing the pad in at an angle a few years ago, but a good cleaning and rocking the pistons in and out a bit seemed to fix it. -replaced the CCT 2x just to be on the safe side. LOVE THIS BIKE!!!
  3. A couple weeks ago in TN my buddy dropped his FJR and I was in the way, so my XX took it's first tumble after 10 years of ownership.. .ugh. We managed to scratch both my Givi cases, his bike hit the right one and scratched it, and the left one hit the ground. The damage is minimal, only cosmetic, but his insurance is going to fix me up with a new set so I'm looking to sell these. I attached a couple pictures so you can see the scratches. I bought these new just over 1 year ago for $548, I'm open to reasonable offers... was thinking around $275 somewhere, plus whatever shipping would be within the USA. The sale of these is pending the arrival of a check in the mail to cover my new ones, as soon as that occurs...should be a few days, I'm ready to sell. I will order the new ones asap and ship these out in their packaging. Post up if you're interested Thanks! Taetor
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