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  1. One of the is good and one is bad not sure which is which but they are free to anyone here on the forum. I would say $15 will cover shipping. Thanks
  2. Craigslist find

    That's not that great of a deal, I sold mine for a few hundred $ more and mine was in excellent condition, and included both mufflers
  3. I have several other stock parts will post pics today, make me an offer including your shipping zip code. Thanks Fairing hardware SOLD Service manual Rear signals painted grey Good used michelin pilot road 3 rear tire removed w/ 2500 miles on it 180/55/17 Tail bags #1 chase harper #1 Nelson Riggs / #1 tank bag Nelson Riggs
  4. misc bb parts/acc

    Tire is a 180/55/17 it would work but that's your call.
  5. misc bb parts/acc

    $75 shipped, it would have been less but VA to WI isn't cheap for shipping
  6. Time to say goodbye 99 BB

    Trip went great no hick-ups to speak of, ended up with 1050 miles.
  7. It pains me to sell her but I have never been good at owning more than one bike, I always ride one and the other sits So she is for sale. The paint set is still in very good/excellent condition, The stock cans have some dents/scrapes, touring windscreen, bar end cruise control. Thinking the mileage is around 47k bike runs great, I will upload some pics in the next day or so. I would like $3700. Thanks
  8. misc bb parts/acc

    $ 35+ shipping?
  9. misc bb parts/acc

    Thanks for the thought blackhawkxx. I am not really looking for much of anything for forum members. Just don't have the time right now to see what any of these things are going for used. Thanks Hank
  10. misc bb parts/acc

    Anyone?? Will ebay it all in a few weeks if no one is interested.
  11. misc bb parts/acc

    yes its the original one that came on the bike.
  12. Time to say goodbye 99 BB

    No remorse yet..... I will miss that bike I had alot of good times for sure on her. On a positive note I know I can find a good used one easily for 3k. I just sent the last payment in on the HD ultra classic so that's a good thing. I am going for a 1500 mile 3 night trip next tue-fri so will be excited to see how the ultra does.
  13. Time to say goodbye 99 BB

    SOLD!!!! CASH IN HAND BIKE IS GONE, I think it got a good home
  14. Time to say goodbye 99 BB

    bump price at 3knwill take less if you have any guns to add to deal.
  15. Just a shoot in the dark here Dave, you get bored quickly with new shinny toys? Dang!!!! I thought you would have kept the jeep at least a little while. I am not a Jeep guy but for $18.95 + shipping I'll take it.
  16. Thanks, When you can down did you ride the interstate to TN or which route did you go? Last time I went via WV then jumped on Interstate last 1 1/2 hrs
  17. Great!! saw some cousins I haven't seen in 15 years from Holland. looks like you had a great time yourself... You have me thinking about going down there on my bike in a couple weeks.
  18. Maybe a typo unless you rode in reverse for a good bit. hahaha Yep - solo !! 3800 miles so far.
  19. Craigslist find 1999 XX

    That is a deal for sure those beetle bags are $$
  20. Time to say goodbye 99 BB

    Buyer couldn't come up with $$