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  1. TeXTrain99

    Cool Ford 7.3 diesel mod.

    Good looking tractor.
  2. Hey VW, nice to see you. And thanks for the dfx files. Any issue if I share them around with the .org guys that would like a copy?
  3. Nice piece of kit. I'm trying to make contact on the .com site.
  4. hooray. Teamwork wins again.
  5. Gentlemen, lets talk about this. PM sent to the both of you.
  6. Thanks Jon, that is a good idea.
  7. I've decided to freshen up the suspension on my 99. Nothing super trick or high end, just basic replacement of tired stock suspension with next step better. I'm think to Racetech springs and gold valves for the front. For the rear I'm hooping to find a used Penske, Ohlins or Wilbers that won't breakmy limited budget but be in good shape or rebuildable for a reasonable amount. Anybody got anything?
  8. TeXTrain99

    For Sale '02 Blackbird

    Wtf? Isn't there at least one other bike in that garage you could sell?
  9. TeXTrain99

    99 XX for sale

    Ok. That's it. Joe's bike. Quite a coincidence in color.
  10. TeXTrain99

    99 XX for sale

    Looks familiar. From Kansas?
  11. TeXTrain99

    RKA tank bag for sale

    That bag looks like it could tell some stories.
  12. TeXTrain99

    misc. bird parts

    Adjustable pegs. I'm interested if they are for xx and not klr. Pm sent.
  13. TeXTrain99

    Testing the Waters

  14. TeXTrain99

    xx spares

    I'll take the clutch cover if still available.pm sent.