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  1. I've been working long hours for the past few years. 7 days a week, 72 hours a week. Not much time for anything! How have you been?
  2. Sorry about that, in storage mode - but on the battery tender most of the time. Not sure on the price - $2,000?
  3. Black 2003 serial #1 of that year. 115,148 miles Battery Monitor Ram Mounts on both handle bars GIVI Trunk 6mm rear shock spacer Race Tech Front Forks Aftermarket seat - premium foam for rider Never crashed Fell over in garage and broke aftermarket wind screen - original on now Minor scratches Always maintained well Large Capacity Magnetic Tank Bag Sitting in garage sine 2016 when my son crashed his R1.
  4. I have new ones on the way - I am tempted to tape it though. Thank you for your suggestions! Kazi
  5. Where is the best place to purchase spark plug wires for the XX? I just managed to break the insulation around one plug and need to replace it. Maybe all 4 since I have 99k on it. Any quick fixes might be helpful too. Kazi
  6. I finished the job Monday night and it went pretty smooth. It took less time than I figured and it rides much better now. I'll do the rears this weekend and finally put in the forks that Icepick sent to me to try. Thanks again guys!
  7. Thank you all for your advice, I have the tools and am sure I can do it. You're the best!
  8. I need to replace my front bearings tonight and wanted to know of anyone could recommend a good tool to knock them out and to install the new ones. Kazi
  9. I have one of these and it works pretty well. It has 3 different diameter hoses and can reach just about anywhere you need to extract fluids from. Griot's Garage - $89.00 http://www.griotsgarage.com/product/multi+...sortby=ourPicks Greg
  10. Interested in the stock rear turn signals. Still available?
  11. Kyle, I have front and rear stands that you can use if you need them. Just come over and pick them up. Kazi
  12. I just ordered another stator to replace the one I put in 6 months ago. I purchased them both from Rick's and have never had a problem before using his stators. My question is; Is there a better stator to use in the XX? I purchased another one from Ricks for 3 reasons, 1) they will refund my purchase 2) they had one in stock (daily rider) 3) Never had problems before with Ricks on my old KZ. Any suggestions??
  13. You realize all seats are the same across the years, right? Uhhhhhh sure I knew that I was just wondering if he knew that........
  14. KaziXX

    A new start

    Looks very interesting! Keep me posted as well!
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