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  1. jaymeferreyra

    Oil leak?

    My bird have a similar problem and I think the oil leak is from the rear balancer idle gear o-ring
  2. 2001 with 45.000 kms I have KN filter, can be some moisture from KN filter? Thanks for your help
  3. I don't think you understand the reason for the topic. What worries me is whether there is a breather hose or something else that is draining onto the engine and causing the dirt to stick.
  4. My friend's XX have exactly the same aspect... Some dirt and moisture
  5. On the left side of the tank, is there a breather pipe or something that can cause dirt stick over the engine? My cbr1100xx has the top of the engine on the left side completely dirty and moisture. A friend's cbr1100xx looks exactly the same ... Thanks
  6. Thank you in advance for your help. So there is no danger that an absorbent cloth will burn due to the heat?
  7. Thanks in advance for your help. I think I should use something resistant to heat, I'm afraid something might go wrong.
  8. I had already thought of putting something absorbent, but resistant to heat, but I don't know any material with these characteristics ... I already edited my previous post and put a YouTube link
  9. There is still no puddle (until now), sometimes there is a small drop on the underside of the engine and it is dirty with oil. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZYTiXO03e4
  10. Thanks It seems that it is so rare for this to happen that I find almost nothing about it. My bird have only 45.000 km... I'm disappointed
  11. Hi My 2001 super Blackbird is leaking oil from the Rear balancer idle gear o-ring. How I can fix it? Is a easy fix? Thanks
  12. How you solved the problem... I have the same problem... Thanks
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