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  1. I do not understand that, perhaps my google translator has not done well, what do you mean? I am going to search the internet for that silicone that you tell me says it is fast and I will disassemble the sensor again and apply as you have indicated, it seems to me that the oil comes out of the copper filaments, but I will try what I you have indicated.
  2. I have not seen that silicone near me, but I am going to look for it on ebay and if I can not find I will look for another similar one.
  3. Hello, to change the bulbs I only had to remove the dome, the side panels and of the four screws that hold the odometer I removed only the top two, with this you can push the odometer forward one inch and with that to spare to access the bulbs . I changed the big six but I did not put led, I put the same but more watts, the ones I had were 1.7 watts and I have put them 5 watts. So it looks pretty good Just removing the top two screws gives you good access, removing the bottom screws takes more time and really doesn't need to. I think these are still the original ones, 20 years old !! These are the ones that I have put now. This is how my odometer looks now. I am afraid to put them on LEDs because they heat up more and will surely have a shorter duration, although if the good quality purchases are possible that they heat up a little and last a long time, keep in mind that the odometer is always on (here in my country it is mandatory to carry always the light on, so I did not put them on led).
  4. Hello friends, I need your wisdom. I have an oil leak through the CAMPULSE GENERATOR cable, this leak goes to the cable connector next to the throttle stop screw (attached photo), at first I thought it was between the cables and I filled it with silicone and left it very well closed, but it continues losing and I have deduced that the leak is not between the two cables, it is just inside the cables, that is to say by the metallic wires of the cable, since if I clean everything when the first droplet begins to appear, the cable is clean and dry but the connector is dirty, also due to the force of gravity the oil would not rise to the connector. It is not a serious thing and loses very little, but over time the area fills with oil and stains everything. I could buy a new one but it is a pity that working well I have to change it and spend a lot of money, surely this is produced by the passage of time (20 years) and although here in my area there is that piece of occasion I am afraid that it will happen same as it will have the same time. This is what I did but the problem was not there, it is inside the cables !!! This is from behind, but here I do not know if I can put silicone or where to put it. This is where you see the problem, clean cables and dirty connector. Any idea to solve it? I suppose this will have happened to more people and you will have an effective solution without having to change it. Let's see if with your help I can solve it !!! Thanks in advance
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