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  1. Last year my rectifier relay went bad so I decided to change my battery, solenoid, rectifier and stator. The bike ran perfectly for a year and now the bike wont start again even after being on the tender. The tender reads full charge but wont start. Any ideas?????
  2. I'm selling a 2000 with 50k for 4000. Im second owner. First owner was 60 years old, regularly maintained. I put new battery, rectifier, stator, starter relay. Bike has great body. Not trying to give you a sales pitch because I'm working on a small electrical issue just wanted to give you an example of what I'm selling for. Sounds like it's gonna need some long overdue maintenance and in my opinion you could find a better deal on a trader site
  3. Really appreciate the tip. The Place I bought the battery from sold me a trickle charger and said the charge it over night and it would be fine. That's what I get for going against my better judgment. I thought it sounded funny
  4. Thanks. Yeah its reading 11.7 on new battery a day after being on the trickle. I always over think these things do all kinds of work and it winds up being the easy fix the whole time. At least my entire charging system is new now.
  5. I was having trouble with my left turn signal. I'll dig deeper. Cheers
  6. Could my battery have been damaged from running her on a bad stator and rectifier. I forgot to say that I changed the two because the relay from the rectifier to the stator was melted.stator looked awful too
  7. I bought a new battery, changed my rectifier and stator. Now the battery was low from just trying to figure it out. After changing these items I pop started her and road around the block a few times. I turned her off and about 5 minutes later I tried to start her and she started right up. I put her on a tender over night and when I came home from work today she wouldn't start. Voltage on battery was under 12volts and the turn over of the starter was very low. I appreciate any help gentlemen. I'm going out of my mind
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