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  1. Hi All .... Anyone have any luck getting their Sena 20s EVO to connect with BOTH iPhone & Garmin Nuvi 765T at the same time? I can connect both - but can only hear one of them at a time. I've made sure all devices are updated with latest firmware; I've reset the Sena to factory standards; I've tried multiple orders of connections, yet still cannot hear my music/phone call at the same time as GPS directions. If I connect just one, it works just fine. I've asked Sena Tech Support but haven't gotten anywhere. Google searches for past forum help on same issue result in broken links. There's gotta be somebody somewhere who has figured this out. FYI Sena said the Nuvi 765T IS a Garmin that is compatible w/the Sena 20sEVO. Thanks in advance for any help!
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