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  1. I live in MD if you would like to take a look at mine. A lot of extra stuff.
  2. The scheme is ok. I'll be adding a non painted fairing kit also. With whatever I have left from the other stuff.
  3. The exhaust says it's Delkevic. It's a single exhaust. I have the double exhaust header in the back but my dual pipes were lost. I'll be adding that also.
  4. Yes replace and bleed the clutch oil. Since it's the only thing I didn't focus on.
  5. Ill provide more pics once I get home. Mileage I'm sure its over 30k.
  6. 2002 Super Blackbird. new break pads, rotors, spark plugs, coolant, oil. Brand new seat padding. I have a brand new fairing kit in a box. Bag for storage in box. I have a lot of extra stuff at the house that goes with it. I'm leaving the US and need gone. Will be happy to talk to you on the phone and provide as much info as possible. PM me and we can chat better. Id ask for 4500 but I am willing to negotiate. I wont deny it need a bit of loving. This was my first bike, out of 5, and I still prefer it than many others I have ridden. It could use new clutch oil maybe some adjustments and love. you can offer me the worst is a No. keep in mind I do have many stuff that will go with it at home. I'm giving everything I have motorcycle wise away with the purchase. Thanks for your time. Ed
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