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  1. honestly I would guess the battery doesn't have quite enough juice to turn it over since your getting a rapid clicking sound.
  2. actually it looks like the bulk of the sensors needed are included. It says 100% water resistant
  3. it's $179.00 which makes it a pretty reasonable option. compared to 30 bucks more for the parts to fix mine
  4. Well I haven't had any luck finding the parts I need to rebuild my gauge cluster and one of the guys on the FZR forum was looking at these for his street fighter and I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with them? Below I put their description of them and a pic let me know what you all think. Large easy to read LED dash provides on-the-fly read out of important ride information. Included with the 3700 / 3900 model is a unique multi-use design with a removable external indicator light housing. For Off-Road use, simply slide the speedo unit off the housing. Simple and TRICK! 3900 Includes water temperature LCD readout and billet radiator coupling. 3700 model does not feature LCD water temperature readout. Universal Mounting Kit: Perfect for all types of applications. From Dual Sport or ATV's, or to Street. And with our unique easy mounting kit, this model is an excellent choice. Features Include: - Tachometer, Temperature meter and Speedometer. - Multi-functional LCD ATV/Motorcyle computer includes 4 to 8 LED lights for differant purpose indicators. - LCD has 2 rows digital and analogue rpm bar-graphic deisplays with blue --LED backlighting. - Odometer and total riding time are stored in memory, even when the power is off. - Individual clock power line to keep hour meter on when power is off. Clock power consumption is around 80uA. - Temperature range is suitable for both water and oil temperature. - Celsius °C/ Fahrenheit °F option available. - Includes temperature sensor kit. - Universal wheel circumference setting range: 1-3999mm. - Metric /British system option available. - Includes rpm sensor, speed sensor and magnet kits. - Vibration (8G) and mechanical shock (100G) tested. - Packing in eight languages color box. - Water resistant tested 100% - EMI / EMS tested.
  5. Bring it to OzarXX he just repainted it from what I've heard you re paint after OzarXX
  6. Dumbass But you still love me dontcha big boy
  7. The bags do tend to hide the rear of the bike a bit but she was lowered about 1" in the front and 1.5" in the rear if memory serves.
  8. The side stand was cut by Demon(used to be his bike) for the bike to be lowered and a little to much was removed so the block was added to get it back to the right lean angle. Works pretty well but I ordered a new kick stand and I'm raising the bike back up most of the way.
  9. Just an update I got the new covers today and it came with a bonus surprise gift of a nelson riggs t-shirt very cool for a v-twin t-shirt. So I would have to give these guys two thumbs up for a quality product with amazing customer care.
  10. Sorry my bad :icon_silenced:
  11. IIRC the headers will not swap from the carb bird to the FI bird
  12. SGT Ski

    MPG Down

    I'll tell my dad to set up a mouse trap by the pipe and airbox on that virago when he gets home you can never be to safe
  13. I know I haven't seen one on my 99 but I haven't been looking real hard for it but considering the amount of tear down I have done I would think it would have been noticed.
  14. I liked the gold with the black paint on mine to maybe we're just wierd
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