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  1. Thanks for the bump--she's still for sale if you've got room... Thanks--and yep, I didn't price out the parts (hate those ads where people think $X,XXX IN MODS!!1! means their machine is worth $X,XXX + the cost of the bike), but there certainly is some added value here for the right buyer (or the ability to take off and sell unwanted parts). As to the suspension, it's roughly set up for a 200lb. rider.
  2. Good eye--this Bird also comes with mirror extenders and a carbon fiber stator cover. Additionally, "MRE VarioTouring Windscreen" should be "MRA"...
  3. Thanks for the kind words--I can tell you from experience that this Bird would be totally ready for it; set the Throttlemeister, stop for gas in 200 miles, repeat as necessary.
  4. Thanks for the bump! Have to say, I was half-tempted to title this "Touring Blackbird Starter-Kit"...
  5. SOLD. Thanks for the kind words all! This Bird was purchased new in July of 2001, and spent the first twelve years of its life with my father who set it up to be an exceptional sport-tourer and meticulously maintained it as a second, or sometimes third, motorcycle. In the Spring of 2013, it then made the move out to Chicago to live with me, where I’ve since used it to get my first Iron Butt Association certificate and take a number of great rides around the Midwest. She's never been raced or abused, runs flawlessly, and is simply a great motorcycle. In a perfect world I’d keep it forever, but I only have the space and the budget for one motorcycle, and I’ve decided a Triumph Tiger 800XC is a just better fit for the city jaunts that make up the bulk of my riding. The Vitals · $4,000 with numerous long distance/sport touring add-ons included; · Clear title; · 68,xxx miles; · Garage kept, covered, and Battery Tender'd; · Meticulously maintained with full service record; Add-Ons (included in purchase price) · Penske 8983 Rear Shock · Micron Slip-Ons · Corbin Gunfighter & Lady (stock seat also included) · MRE VarioTouring Windscreen (stock windshield also included) · Pazzo Racing Short Levers (Black w/ Red Lever Adjuster) (stock levers also included) · Throttlemeister “Heavy” · Speed Bleeders (SB8125L) · Scottoiler (+ DID 110 Link Nickel Plated Chain (ZVM2 530)) · Pyramid Carbon Fiber Hugger + Fenda Extenda · Bike Johnny Clutch Cover · Delinked Brakes · VFR Interceptor Clip-ons · GenMar Risers · Dave’s Lowering Pegs · Datel Voltmeter · Clear Front and Back Turn Signals (CTS-0025-C Fronts / CTS-0005-C Rears) · Hondaline Tank Pad · Heat-troller + Wired for Heated Gear · Dual Star Heated Handgrips · Fork Gaiters · Tapered Steering Head Roller Bearings · Phillips 4300K HID Bulbs · Pre-Wired for Battery Tender Quick Connect · Air Horn · Honda Service Manual + OEM Replacement Air Cleaners + various OEM spare parts (e.g. gear shift rubber, pop rivets, etc.) Additional The Bird also currently has a Givi F248 Top Case Rack installed, which I'm willing to throw in. Depending on the purchaser's interest, my Givi E52 Maxia Top Case (w/ AdMore Lighting installed) may be sold for a reasonable additional price. Exterior Overall, the paint and plastic is in very good condition, and the Bird is cleaned after every ride. There are small scuffs on the right side of the front fender and the right bar-end from a tip-over in 2013—these are visible in the pictures, but I'm willing to provide close-ups upon request. Maintenance A full maintenance record has been kept, with mileage intervals, and service is up-to-date. Other than normal fluid and filter changes/inspection items, the more significant maintenance items are: · OEM Front and Rear Sprocket @ 34,500 Miles · Stator Replaced (Preventative Maintenance) @ 48,600 Miles · GP Suspension Front Fork Rebuild @ 57,800 Miles · Spark Plugs and Cam Chain Tensioner Replaced @ 61,900 Miles · Michelin Pilot Road 3 Tires (Front and Rear) @ 64,200 Miles · Yuasa YTZ12S @ 67,100 Miles · New Michelin Pilot Road 3 Rear Tire (took a nail to it a few weeks back) @ 67,950 I’m happy to answer any questions you might have—thanks for looking!
  6. I had a set of Avon AV45/AV46 that lasted for over 10,000 miles. They were also incredible rain tires. Sadly, they're no longer available. I had a set of Avon AV55/AV56 Storms that I removed at 8,000 miles when I picked up a screw in the rear tire. I put on a set of Pirelli Angels that I'd taken off my FJR1300 a few years ago (when I installed Pilot Road 3's on that bike) I bought a set of Pilot Road 3s but hadn't mounted them until yesterday. My experience with two sets or Pilot Road 3's on my FJR1300 is that I can easily get 15,000+ miles. Over the years, I've had 2 sets of Bridgestones, Metzeler, 3 sets of Michelin Pilot Roads, 2 sets of Avons, Pirelli Angel ST and my absolute favorite was the discontinued Avon AV45/AV46 combination but I think that the Michelin Pilot Road 3 will work very well on the Blackbird.
  7. Thanks for the answer and detailed explanation. I looked at all of the drawings in the shop manual and felt that this was probably a breather hose but wasn't able to find where the other end was.
  8. No there isn't. The hose is also too short to reach anything where there could be an open connection point.
  9. The pink towel was for contrast in the photo. DUH!
  10. After owning my Blackbird for 11 years and for all the times that I've had the tank off you'd think that I'd know the answer to this question but... I'm not certain. I noticed that this brown hose was not connected to anything and I'm not certain if it's a breather hose or what. I think that it's one of two hoses that connect to the Wax Unit and according to the hose routing diagrams in the Service Manual, it appears as if this doesn't connect to anything but, can someone confirm that it's a breather hose? It's the brown colored hose that's running through the black side of the black and white hose clip. Thanks,
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