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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. The hose in question was split BUT still attached. The smaller overflow hose was in good condition and in place. I did a search of youtube and found Iain Arthurs video of a startup procedure. His video is titled Honda Blackbird 2002. When he turns the ignition on, there is a whirring noise that continues until the lights on the dash go out. I assume this is the fuel pump pressurizing. My XX only makes 3 or 4 clicks.....with no whirring. I checked the fuse box and I have checked all the wires as best as I can visually. I think my fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator is fucked....
  2. Ok, picture attached. Silver hexagonal fuel rail is on the left, fuel line curves down to the right and up to the left connecting to the brass fuel pump. The hose I am questioning is black and resting against the fuel line and enters the tank just in front of the smaller diameter grayish overflow tube. A bit of backstory.... I couldn't safely get on bike for many years (my right jaw and right ear were fucked up from Ear drum tube scarring and TMJ inflammation from trauma from a fall as a child.) anywho, I am now feeling better and want to ride again. I was changing the air filter, and when I returned the gas tank to its normal position and filled the tank, gas started pissing out of this hose. I pulled the tank back and saw this hose where it connects to the nipple was split. I spun the hose and inserted the unsplit end and then placed a bolt and wrapped a rubber band around it it stop it. I then went and bought a new 18" length of fuel line hose and replaced it. Full charged a new battery and same issue again. The bike won't ' stay running, starter fluid works, but will not run. The bolt and rubber band were removed from the breather tube while trying to start and eventually, I got close to having it run on its own, but it dies, and then the hose started pissing gas again....... A Maybe a fubar fuel pump? B Maybe I put gas in the breather line by tilting the tank back towards the seat instead of forward? C I should stick to riding the 94 GT Rebound? D Definitley hookers? Thanks in advance. Mike
  3. bumped...... As I am fucked and can't figure out proper placement of this hose and it keeps pissing gas on the patio when I raise and lower the tank... Can somebody help me please?
  4. Hey all, I think I found this hose, but can't see the pictures.. After I changed my air filter, and put the tank back down, about 5 minutes later, there a pool of gas surrounding the bird. My hose is about 5/8 od x 3/8 id. There is a metal connection in the base of the tank, located to the LEFT of the fuel pump. This connection is a welded fitment of the tank. It is not part of the fuel pump. I think it is a the breather tube that was described above. Any chance somebody can direct me to the proper location of the white/ black clip the end is supposed to be attached to? Thank you in advance. Also it might be worth noting that when you touch your gas tank and return it to its proper position stay with it for a bit..... is this the feeling like an idiot emoji? And in a pinch, when your landlady is on the way home and you have a gas leak on her patio..... Sphagnum peat moss performs remarkably well for cleanup due to its impressive absorbent properties, with a little simple green to mask the gas odor. Tomorrow while she is at work, I shall be power washing the patio. Edited to change rear to LEFT
  5. With all the shit people give you on this board......you're asking for more??!?!?!
  6. No doubt there is plenty of good advice here. Couple of things I would add are: Do a light 15-20 minutes cardio everyday including your lifting days. Just to get warmed up and the heart pumping, this will help you get a better workout. Stretch before, during and after, helps get the oxygen back to your muscles to help with the next set. 3sets of 8-10 reps for building muscle 5sets of 15-20 reps for toning muscle Light weight for looking to tone= 15-20 reps, 20th rep should still be relatively easy or a better way of saying it would be not shaking/trembling on your way to muscle failure, on the 5th set. Vitamin E is your friend when getting rid of lactic acid. We used to take it right after a heavy building session. It's obvious that your committed to your health/fitness, congratulations with your continued success. And lastly................. You lift things up and put them doowwwwwwnnnnnnn!
  7. OK, I guess I see it... Really a bit obtuse. Your mind just isnt dirty enough. I know what "an Eiffel Tower" is.... but my mind isn't dirty enough to know a "Dirty Sanchez" and "Rusty Trombone"? Thanks in advance.
  8. And yet.... it still exists..... in all its glory.
  9. How long have you been in business? Feel free to send me one free of charge and I'll test it out for ya, permanently. If quality is outstanding, the materials and fabrication are superior, I'll get the word out. Maybe some of the people who want black, might help you "make no money" What do you say, other than give myself an uppercut?
  10. Why can't scrounge enough $$$ right now! Damn it!
  11. It's the early morning drinking you have to be careful of.. 1am to 4am.. (7:30 am is OK Dave!)
  12. MWL_XX

    Cornering Speed

    Should I steer or counter steer? Is there a cutoff at a particular speed that you change your methods.... or do you go for what feels natural to you based on the situation and the enviroment? (Or should I just buy the books others have suggested?)
  13. MWL_XX

    Tire mystery

    You can not make you own candle brighter by blowing somebody else's candle out.....( not sure where I saw that one ) Was previously noted tire totally flat..... or just flat on the bottom? J/K Seriously though, did you ever figure out what caused your flat?
  14. OK Thanks...like I said it was a stupid question. I was going to assume it was for sale, but wanted to throw in the humorous quip about the largest zip tie known to man... Wasn't my intention to be the catalyst for cherrio-pissing and the sort.
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