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  1. I went to the dealer to buy a Honda cruiser. Saw the red xx sitting there and it looked like it was wet. Didn’t even sit on it. Sold
  2. Hey Grand Dad....you get the internet back in the trailer park?
  3. 44 degrees out - no thank you. I’m going to trailer the Grom with the Wing. Now that’s a photo.
  4. Glad you got it CEC - you will put it to better use than me. I bought this instead >
  5. For something I want but don’t need, yeah. He’ll find someone for the $5400 or even the $5900 because it’s worth it. I’d spend the winter cleaning it anyway.
  6. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. Let’s do this - if you don’t get the price you want within the time frame you are looking to get rid of it - I’m good to go @ $4800 cash and we are pretty close. Dont feel obligated, don’t feel guilty....the offer is out. Dave
  7. Would you consider $4800 cash Johnny? Make up a few bucks back from the sexy ZX14 I sold ya.
  8. What’s the price with everything? Confused about the “extras” comment. Is it Dave “clean”? Scratches, scuffs? Board price?
  9. I can buy they from you at your price, hold on to them for a month, polish them and resell at 50% of what I bought them from you for?
  10. DBLXX

    Art/Homework Table

    That room needs decluttering already
  11. If you can send as a gift. So....need your addy.
  12. Hey Sean....long time no see. Send me $130 to davidkrauthamer@yahoo.com and I will have them in the mail to you tomorrow. Enjoy them.
  13. Black Iridium Polarized. Frames are lead colored. Purchased $193 With shipping here $133
  14. DUDE.....welcome back bro! OLD SCHOOL in the house!!!!!!!
  15. I’d detail the fuck out of it and sell it for $3500 I had 3 civics pushing 200K
  16. Isn't that what you’re wife says about you too :)?
  17. Let's just say it might return the DNA of a minimum of 11 board members is it were tested.
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