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  1. iPad 2 WiFi 16G - White and has my name engraved on it http://store.apple.com/us/buy/home/shop_ipad/family/ipad2 Zaggfolio Black Carbon Fiber Keyboard Case http://www.zagg.com/accessories/zaggfolio-...2-keyboard-case Griffin √Član Sleve http://store.griffintechnology.com/elan-sleeve-ipad Retail - $520 + tax & ship Here - A donation of $300 gets you all the above. The donation goes to me of which I will match the $300 and donate $600 to the send ROXX and Daughter on vacation fund. So....who's gettin this sweet package???
  2. Just saw this thread for the first time. Huge man.....this is fantastic but it's the easy part. Maintaining is the hard part. You can do it! Super terrific bro.
  3. I have all of the above....pre ban, been buying them all up at every gun show I attend. About 5 per year. $1000 each.
  4. Goes anywhere from $500-800 new and around $200 used. Just received an anniversary white edition Tribute to the Mont Blanc Ballpoint and have no need for this one anymore. They don't make the Burgandy/Gold version anymore. It's rare. $125 here only. $10 to ship.
  5. I had one of these, bought it here. Traded it to a police officer for a Super Hawk 996, which I sold for $3K. Even after the immense profit made, I wish I still at the Utra. The cop killed himself and his guns were taken by the local police department after they talked his mom into donating them, and "not letting them get on the street". Scumbags. Hijack off. Bump for you Dave. That just sucks all around. Because of that story and for you only....$650.
  6. Assuming your LCP is like my LCP and LCR. It's MUCH bigger and heavier.
  7. Depends....mostly around MSRP $991 Some places $850 Grip was $80 and polishing was $125. Just bought a S&W M&P 360 today to replace it.
  8. Has about 50 rounds through it. Hogue grip Professionally polished $750 With the polish and grip.....saves you about $300 or so.
  9. Dude....why are you such a fucking asshole? I was so looking to seeing the inside of his.
  10. I don't call them micro fibers. I call them cum catchers.
  11. Sounds good. Let me know how much you want for it. We'll agree on a price later. It's yours.
  12. IIRC, Canadian frames were/are grey. That one is black, so I'm guessing it was a body swap. Correct. JB4XX had it before me, and I believe is did the swap. US titled. As far as I can tell there are only about 20 Honda Blue XX's in the US. That's a bit of a WAG, but probably within range. Ahhhhhh.
  13. IIRC, Canadian frames were/are gay. That one is black, so I'm guessing it was a body swap. Duh....all Canadian frames are gay. Who doesn't know that
  14. Sorry....put 3GS.....meant to put my 4GS will be FO SALE.
  15. Wait 30 days......my white 4GS in mint condition will be up for sale. P.S. I hope you sending back my microfiber was a joke. I laughed my ass off. I actually cut it when using a scizzor to open the bag.
  16. Pick it up on the 16th and save $12. It's yours.
  17. Closely related to micro-penis.
  18. I'm going to swipe that pink case from Walt when he isn't looking. I though you would be more interested in the USED exam glove I put it in to shit...I mean ship. AND....I want my microfiber back !!!
  19. IMO he gets $7 if he's patient. He gets $6 quick.
  20. I guess I taught my wife well! I'd yell at her every time I saw the case off it :0)
  21. Is this still available? Sorry. Walt bought it.
  22. For the couple hundred bucks I could have sold it for....I'd much rather know it's in a home being enjoyed by someone I know....or know through someone I know. In this case....it's going to a board members Mom and I know this particular board member very much appreciates it. That's all I asked for.
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