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  1. You free ball in them? What's the MSRP on that set?
  2. The PREMR-EXP has the offset construction of our PRES-EXP model. Instead of traditional belt slots, the PREMR-EXP has two wide straps that loop over the belt and lock up with sturdy snaps. A great feature for those who prefer not to thread the belt through holster slots to put on and take off the rig. Quick on, quick off, with excellent security. Available for most autos and available in either black or Cuban brown ORDER: PREM-EXP™ PRICE: $90.00 US OWB but sits VERY tight to the body. http://www.mitchrosen.com/product_line/product_line.html Paid $115 all in. It's yours less $50 including shipping.
  3. Now that is a great looking car. Seems to be in great shape too. Thx Joe
  4. I think you've officially gone through more bikes than me lately.
  5. Not interested.....but would love to see a photo of that Z. First year of the new model too....Nice !
  6. All the gear was put in the Salvation Army bin this AM..... GONNER !!!
  7. DBLXX


    Very hard would not be normal. I would push the caliper pistons back to be sure that it is the brakes and not the bearings. Thanks dude.... I took the calipers off....pads off....compressed the pistons....bled the line and reinstalled. Seems to be ok now. Wonder what it could have been?
  8. DBLXX


    Just put on the HH's a few weeks ago. Went for a long ride this morning and man they feel great. Nice bite. I jacked the bike up to polish the rims a d the wheel is VERY hard to spin. This normal? If not...what to do? The rotors look and feel fine a d no smell of burning pads. Thanks
  9. All prices include shipping. All items are just what I listed. Some missing liners...so it's exactly what I described. No movement on price...it is what it is. Will ship within the next 10 days. If they don't sell....they go in the donation box. Have at it fellas. Icon Full Leather Jacket Size 52 Sleeves shortened professionally by 1.5 inches and all zippers re-installed Includes liner Price - $85 First Gear HT Air Overpants Size 42 Short No liner Price - $100 (Retail new $225) Tour Master Flex Series 2 Jacket w/Tags Size XXL Price $125 (Retail new $216) Mesh Part - Shell - Cortech GX Air Size XL No liner Price - $75 First Gear Kilimanjero Size XL Full inner jacket liner included Price - $125 (New retail $270) Field Sheer Aqua Tour 2.0 Size XXL New with tags Price $60 (New retail $126)
  10. The ST1300 was IMO the smoothest most solid bike I have ever owned.
  11. Paypal me $200 as a gift and it's yours if you want it without the Motorola phone. If you want the Triumph with it....send me $280. The Triumph is NEW....never used and only comes with the phone. I can't find the charger. It uses a micro USB charger. It also comes with the OEM case. I thin the triumph can be used as a small internet device without activation...but honestly....I am not sure. The screen isn't perfect on the iPhone....but FAR from bad. Let me know.
  12. Hey Walt.... This is the same phone I was going to sell back when.....but my company made me wait 90 more days. Go check it out on eBay....see what they are going for and make an offer. Otherwise I'll just list it on eBay although I'd rather not. I'll wait a few days to hear. Dave I know dude....my fault....big time. They are still coming. I apologize.
  13. Hey Mack.... Seems as if I am allowed 5 in a lifetime and I haven't ever done it. I am still a customer in good standing so it's a matter of filling out an online form then waiting 2/5 days. Looks like no problem at all.
  14. Is it new or used? I'd think a used one would already be unlocked. Are you interested or just asking questions?
  15. White 16gb All working and in great shape I'd give it an 8 on a scale of 10 Charger 3 - 30 pin Apple OEM cords I am now throwing in a new Motorola Triumph Virgin Mobil phone. Phone and plastic case only. New...and used for about 1 day. http://www.motorola.com/us/consumers/MOTOR...4,en_US,pd.html The iPhone 4S's are going for $290 with cracked screens on eBay and upward of $500 in good condition and not looking for that much I can get it unlocked (from what I read on the AT&T website) if needed Can't ship until next Saturday Make reasonable offer and they are yours!
  16. Sell it.....you're fucked.
  17. Not enough to drive a car built for a female college teen.
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