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  1. LOL...geez...good to see all of the support...errrr peer pressure. :icon_snooty:
  2. lol...sorry...just making sure (had one) and was thinking of getting back on
  3. I you want to run aluminum sprockets try Vortex....I am pleased so far and have about 3K on them with no serious wear/chipped teeth
  4. The D208 rides nicely on the back for me....but I will probably switch to Metzeler. Just depends on your riding style....for touring the Pilot Powers are hard to beat. For sport it can get rider/area specific. Just my $.02
  5. +1 for bad ground...flipping the kill switch resets the circuit so if it starts up it shows you are losing too much current somewhere :icon_think:
  6. So that was why my blanky went from white to beige!!! LMAO funny
  7. Those are nice....do you think they will fit the XX?
  8. Just looking for a good room/rate for a few days in August @ deal's gap. Anyone have any recommendations? I like 2 wheel inn so far, they have a garage for your bike, how cool! :icon_think:
  9. oxy-clean and your local laundromat
  10. Lookin' good....ride it like you stole it!!! :icon_shocked:
  11. Just picked up some SeaFoam at Advanced Auto this week....
  12. cbrriderxx


    We've seen these pics before....geez some guys don't show off their girlfriends as much as the XX! LMAO nice bro... :icon_thumbsup:
  13. TURK....dammit....you have to change that pic everytime I read a thread and come across one of your replies all I can think of is BOOBIES!!!! So what was the topic again???
  14. cbrriderxx


    I've had my bird up to 160 a few times with stock suspension and Z-rated tires. My next push will be up to 170-180 but I worry about the aforemetioned wobble as well. :icon_shocked:
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