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  1. Too bad it's silver... Jealous are we? That is one sweet bike
  2. I don't have '54 but I have 61MAT53 if that would help. It is a PDF file. let me know
  3. Saw this thought I would bring it up for someone attention looks like a nice bike http://hudsonvalley.craigslist.org/mcy/3068362116.html
  4. Well damn didn't know sorry as well. I have family down in Burnt Chimney near Westlake VA and also Blue Ridge VA. Next time I am down there I will have to pay you a visit. I will also tell my brother in law he rides and has a VTX1800 he can stop in when he needs stuff.
  5. I have found their prices very good also, around half of what the local dealer wanted (by the way they had to order)
  6. Is this still Available? I would like this.
  7. Sounds great I would like to sew it on the back of my jacket. Send me a pic. Thanks
  8. I purchased 2 patches a long time ago and I lost them somewhere can't find them. Damn hate when that happens. :icon_wall: Anyway does anyone know where I can get one? something like the picture below
  9. I definetely want them let me know how we can do this.
  10. Greetings, I am just reaching out to see if anyone knows where I can get a set of Helibars for my '02 besides Helibars themselves? If not I guess I will just come off the wallet and shell out the $280. I am sure there are plenty of you that have them can you tell me how much of a difference it makes. Thanks in advance.
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