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  1. LogoMan

    PGM-FI Pin Out Box

    Bruce, that's a good pic. Sorry I can't find any info on the internet on this. I'm amazed that I can't and I spent hours trying. Hope someone comes forward and saves the day.
  2. Not sure about a posted ad. Not sure what model. Also, this is no restoration. I think the owner has someone taking it around to auctions. I don't think they've met reserve anywhere, yet. They've talked to Leno. He passed on it. I can get more details if anyone wants them.
  3. A local guy has a 1949 Indian for sale. Only has 11 miles on it. Not sure what he wants, but I think minimum 35K.
  4. Need a front cowl, left side fairing, left mirror cover, rear cowl, rear cowl grab bar, stator cover. Thanks.
  5. Thanks, John! Lots of good karma coming your way!
  6. My Hindle full system sounds decent. Not too loud, not too quiet.
  7. LogoMan

    Shinko Ravens

    Close to 2,000. The roads here are extremely hard on tires. The M3's would be showing significant center wear by now.
  8. LogoMan

    Shinko Ravens

    I have a lot more miles on the Ravens so I thought I'd give an update. I love these tires. Haven't ridden them in the rain, yet, but they're the bees knees on dry pavement. I don't ride stupid fast on the street but I get after it pretty good at times. No chicken strips on the front or back, but keep in mind these have a flatter profile than, for example, M3's and Diablos. Haven't had a slip, yet, and I'm still amazed at how nice these tires allow the bike to turn in. Today, I noticed that some of the rubber flash between the sipes in the center of the tire is still intact and sticking out past the tire. lol. That's durability for you. Can't figure out how a tire can stick so good and still last so long.
  9. Thanks. I'll try disconnecting the cable and see what happens.
  10. I was hoping it could be reached through the pan or another access point. Not sure where it's located. Crap. BTW, that's Powerslide.
  11. Thanks guys. I'll check the transfer case engagement. That'll be easy. Sure hope it's that simple. Pawl. Cudgel said the same thing. Sounds expensive.
  12. Jeep Wrangler rolls in any gear with engine off. Won't hold park. I couldn't see anything wrong with the external linkages. What say you Jeep experts?
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