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  1. Thanks for the comments guys , yeah it would be a really nice mod to do for sure, the bracket alone was a fortune, just trying to get as much back as possible , stripping bike down to sell it without as many mods as possible yet it will retain its Penske 8981 double adjustable, the 2012 Busa front end with custom triple and raised LSL bars. Gilles rear sets will be sold off, Yosh full system will stay on as well as Dynatek coil sand ignition advancer. CF chain guard and hugger will be sold off and A-Tek carbon twill dash panels will be removed and originals put back in. HID kit will stay and hope to remove the Samco hose kit. Sell the Corbin seat and Wingrack w 46L Givi cases. Lots more listed on cbrxx.com Bike has about 65K, getting a ZX14 tomorrow or Tues cant keep both but have loved the XX over time I have owned
  2. Brand new parts , Custome made "ducket" also known as Brembob, allows those who have delinked their CBR1100XX or inverted to convert the rear to Brembo setup New Brembo Caplier Ferrodo pads Brembob caliper bracket master cylinder You will need single SS line and rotor, lots of info over at cbrxx,com. Had planned to convert my bike but moving on after 10 yrs $620 shipped SOLD Shipped tracked and insured from 98281 WA paypal confirmed
  3. How do you find the rear lights for visibility? I would have interest in this undertail if I could tie my led blinkers into the tailight
  4. Cisco Kid

    Help me keep my garage tidy

    I sold forks w Hel SS front lines, brake master and caliper, wheel and rotors w front calipers, upper and lower triple w clip ons for 575us on fleabay plus shipping a little over a year ago after inverting to a 2011 Busa. Went quick as well. Huge improvement w Busa forks.
  5. I am in search of a rear Dymag White 7 Spoke UP7 or the newer UP7X rim. I have a brand new front UP7 and now need the rear match before I buy new, its a long shot but I have till next season as I am not riding this season due to boating:) PM me what ya got, hopefully i can figure out or find one by spring 2014 or this front will be sold off........ I can take item shipped in Canada or USA to 98281 WA, payment via PP GO!
  6. Cisco Kid

    For Sale

    Raising a forgot to reply to thread, lol. Yep these were the newer model, I contacted and got response from Gilles that asked me what code was on the box, they confirmed they are the revised model, no issue with them at all, this is second year using, love em , glad I never sold them, huge difference over stock and other rearsets.
  7. Cisco Kid

    Dyno Jet or Factory Pro

    I am using Dyno Jet kit w Dyna coils, FP 4 degree ignition advancer, K&N and Yosh Full RS3, runs excellent. Next will be to add factory pro shift kit in offseason
  8. pm sent on the techmount
  9. I sent payment yesterday to you
  10. Cisco Kid

    Am I asking too much for my XX?

    Highly modified , hmm dunno about that, price is decent, I have a 97XX alot more done to it with higher mileage than yours, I'd ask more for mine, w lots of extras plus some later year worth while modz however some may want an original XX . I think you are inline with asking price, leave it be personally or go a few hundred more. Your pic is horrible, can tell anything from that, consider paying to advertise it or give higher res images. Yes craigslist has become that in some areas, just know how to list, forget receiving email, accept text only or a call and I have sold alot on CL. If someone is serious they will call, emails are a waste of time LO we all know you are wrong, Black is the fastest & carburated!
  11. The first link is TITS that's a very very nice CBR1000F for sure no arguing that. I have ridden these and must say they are solid and fast so to speak, Is it as comfortable as my modded XX , not stock but it can be made to be:)
  12. Cisco Kid

    Turbo kit for Blackbird

    I am so looking forward to finalaization of what the stage 1 kit will cost. I am hoping I can purchase one. I recently just bought a Yoshimura SS 4-2-1 system for my 97 Carbie, had I known this Turbo was soon to be coming I would have just kept my slip on RS3's and saved the extra cash i spent towards this. I am curious as to what level of jetting will be required with this turbo kit on carbie if I cam currentley running a 4 degree ignition advancer with Dyna coils K&N and the Yoshimura 4-2-1 The entry level kit for me is all that is needed. Waiting eagerly on the launch of the Turbos.
  13. Cisco Kid

    2002 Cbr1100xx FS 15k miles $4200

    you can get 5K for it, hold out it aint worth selling whatever you get will not be as good , once you know what these are all about and the modifying starts, it is a fantastic bike with the right mods replace rear shock w ohlins or penske, upgrade front springs & goldvalve hel ss lines all round wave rotors 4-1 pipe speigler lsl bars dyna coils wave rotors i have just thoroughly enjoyed mine with the above and lots more lol, nearing 60K miles on it strong as hell to. If anything else look at a 1000rr
  14. Cisco Kid

    2003 XX with 735 miles!!

    If I am correct the bike is sold already a guy posted over on cbrxx.com who bought it had the identical pics, he is loving it changed all fluids and runs beautiful, unsure what he paid
  15. lets get these sold guys. someone need throttlemeisters and heli bar package 230ca shipped