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  1. Thx. No, I sold it to a guy before I left Chicago.
  2. It’s 6:46pm ET and the winning bidder is Joe. sold
  3. I'm moving in a week and I don't want to move my two bikes. I can offload them to a retailer here in my area but wanted to offer the same deal here before I roll out. I am selling a 2002 DRZ400S (blue/white) and a 1993 VFR750 (white). Full disclosure, I have not started either of them for around 5 years. Obviously I don't have time for bikes in my life these days. I am selling each of them for $1,000 or best offer. I paid a tad over $3K for each of them. High bidder(s) will be determined at my sole discretion by Wednesday November 18 @ 5:00pm ET. My ter
  4. First you broker my bike now my oral services? That's kind of like the difference between like and love.
  5. Hey guys thanks for the assist. I'm on the road now and just got to my hotel. Matt and I have been communicating and a sale is pending.
  6. Almost a year since I listed this. Wow. I know I'm old as I barely noticed. And ya, I rode it a grand total of 3 times last summer. Ridiculous. So my boy is 15 and when he turns 16 I need garage space for the car that will relieve me from driving his ass around. Obviously I'm not in a hurry to sell this masterpiece but will drop the price just to get it a nice home for the upcoming riding season. The first $9,900 that finds it's way into my wallet gets it. And if anyone wants to buy my 2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S let me know. I need to get her out of
  7. Ya. If you have any interest in Hanks Turbo that resides in my garage let me know. I am definitely selling it this spring/summer. Teenager driving now and will need the garage space for his soon-to-be-wrecked car...
  8. Yes, both sides are 100% OEM and mint with the exceptions I listed above. I'm on a biz trip the next few days but will be listing it on the usual sites in the next week or so. Also shipping a kid off for the summer soon so forgive me if I don't post immediately. If interested PM me and I'll shoot ya my cell. Thanks for the "fill in" Hank. You know I like it that way.
  9. Sorry peeps, had some stuff come up this weekend. So here goes: FS 1997 Honda CBR1100XX turbo Board price: $12,000 Built by HANKSXXX this bike has boost toggle between low and high. According to the dyno charts Hank gave me when I took custodianship of this bike, it produces 235HP on low boost and 255 on high. The bike is in immaculate condition with the following exceptions: Corner of windscreen broke off as I tried to squeeze my fat ass between it and my car this winter and crrrrack. A 1.5" piece broke off. When I first
  10. Looks like the first nice day will be Sunday. I'll post up everything then. billypf - I'm in the way western edge of WD. Like Binne Rd past Randall Oaks golf course. But ya, it's a ridiculous bike. Ridiculously fast, ridiculously farkled, etc. And for the record Hank, I am always game for going beyond 2nd base!
  11. I'm going to be selling Hanks Turbo XX (I am only its current custodian) soon. I simply have not had the time to clean her up from her winter nap. I'll have to dig up all of the specifics on the bike as I began my custodianship of her about 4 years ago. She is still in cherry condition. If the weather cooperates this weekend I will add pics and pricing info. For now, I live in the NW Chicago burbs, test rides are available after I have cash in hand and it is the most fun bike I have ever owned. More to follow...
  12. Having been in the spark plug manufacturing biz the answer (as already stated by everyone else) is a resounding YES.
  13. I'd buy it in a heartbeat if it was comfy enough for me and my 11 yr old boy to ride 2-up for extended periods.
  14. So you figured it was code. You are correct. You just did not decipher the code properly. Wings does not equal sneakers aka Wackos. But yes, it does equal something.
  15. New part ordered. Still not happy. Even though they were great wings.
  16. Ain't that the truth. Worst case I'll buy new OEM. Just ticks me off. Thx John
  17. GD downtown Chicago. I park on a quiet street not near any cars and go for some wings. Come back and the bike is all scraped up from an obvious hit and run. Looking for a black with metallic flake right lower for a 97. Thanks
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