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  1. I have a D-90 and love it!! Bump! That is a good price!
  2. Texhoss

    German Bird? K1200S

    The BMW are on a higher different level of technology. I think that would be a sweet deal for someone!
  3. Would you folks tell me where to order a new OEM battery for the 2003 Bird. The last one lasted 4 years. Is there anything out there in a sealed battery that is a good value other than the OEM?
  4. What a great deal for someone!!!! It needs a bump!!
  5. are you using that sweet D90 or not?

  6. Texhoss

    FS: Loaded 2000 XX

    Wow Jim your bike is really rigged nicely, I like it. It would be a super rig for someone!!
  7. Sweet .... D90!

    Lets see some pics mang..

  8. Texhoss

    Good Deal on Connie 14

    Does the Connie have a 3 year unlimited miles warranty? I was thinking it was only the Goldwing. Car dealers usually have great deals on bikes!!! Sweet price.
  9. I found this on Craig's List http://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/mcy/961532617.html
  10. Texhoss


    Redbirds with this low mileage are hard to come by, try and find one!!!!
  11. Texhoss

    micron slip ons

    Brett, I thought you had carbon fiber Microns?
  12. Eric what a nice bike. I love those colors!!
  13. Texhoss

    The ZX is home!

    What a great buy........one nice bike!! Congrats!!
  14. http://www.twtex.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31664 This is in San Antonio, with 7800 miles and $4000 bucks!!
  15. Texhoss

    delete please

    I just love Redbirds, this is a nice one!!