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  1. I sold it to Pat many years ago, great guy, beautiful bike. I truly miss it.
  2. 2005, so first generation, with ABS. Loving it, not quite blackbird power, but close. More comfy though. You got one, no?
  3. Thanks Philip (I hope I remembered your name correctly). I miss y'all too (mostly). After a few years off, I'm back - FJR1300. Hope to see some of y'all soon. Best
  4. Thanks for the offer, but, yes, the pants are different than what I'm looking for. They are cool though, well figuratively. Agreed that a 2000 XX would be great bar-back, but I've already picked out a '71 Honda CL350 for a house bike.
  5. I'm decorating my new home and need several beat-to-shit leather motorcycle jackets to hang on the walls (yes, I'm single). The ideal jacket will have extreme road rash, parts forcibly removed, blood stains, and smell like gas, oil and/or burnt rubber. I'll pay extra for Bates or Vanson jackets. Jacked up leather pants, mangled helmets, fucked up gloves, useless boots and rashed-up plastics also considered. Thank You, Matt P.S. Yes, It's been awhile. I missed you too.
  6. Well the market has spoken, or not spoken. As in, I still have the bike. Clearly I was asking too much. Bump for new price - $12,250.
  7. Asking $12,250. This motorcycle was purchased new in October 2009 from Morton's BMW in Fredericksburg VA, for just over $15K. Current mileage is 109 miles; it truly is in new condition. Circumstances have changed, so the motorcyle is being sold. As you would expect for such a new bike, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this motorcycle, no scratches, no dents, no issues whatsoever. It has never been wrecked, never dropped, never abused, not modified (except some add ons, see below). I have every document that was sold with the motorcycle, which will be transferred to the buyer. This bike has several useful extras: * BMW Advantage Warranty (3 years/ 36K miles, with roadside assistance) * BMW heated grips * BMW ABS Brakes * BMW Center Stand * BMW On Board Computer * BMW Clear Lenses (Taillight and Turn Signals) * BMW Bash Plate * Akrapovik Titanium and Carbon Fiber Muffler * SW MoTech Engine Guards * TouraTech Tailrack Here is a link to an online album with 30+ photos of the bike. I am very particular about payment for this motorcycle. First, I won't finance the buyer. Sorry. If you pay with a personal check or a cashier's check I will not release the title or motorcycle until the check clears your bank. Not wishing to sound rude, I'm trying to avoid being scammed. Thank You, Matt Sorry I haven't been around much. After work, family, school and travel there ain't much screw-around-on-the-internet time left.
  8. Agreed. Thank you. As soon as I recover my username / password on those boards I'm gonna do that. Or just start a new account. Matt
  9. Damn, you're right. It's just a wee bit embarrassing not knowing the model of one's own motorcycle. Thanks for letting me know. I'll correct the post. If you are interested, I'm not too far away.
  10. For Sale: 1996 Honda CBR600F3 7,3xx miles. Clean Title, Street Legal, Track Ready, Lots of Extras $1650 Background: I bought this bike at an insurance auction as a theft recovery. It has a clean title, in my name, and a current Virginia registration. There are no problems with the legality of the title or registration. I've used for two track days. Now I no longer have the time or interest. If you are looking for a cheap street bike that is also track ready, strongly consider this motorcycle. This is a seriously ugly motorcycle, it has been spray painted, and has road rash. Check the photos. However is has low miles and is mechanically sound. I've included lots of extras, mostly track type stuff. The bike is located near Charlottesville VA. For a fee, I can deliver within a limited radius. Extras: upper & lower race plastics left and right clip ons. left and right engine covers left and right foot pegs and controls left and right levers tail light front brake master cylinder rear brake assembly brand new, never used EBC kevlar clutch kit (disks & springs) set of Diablo Supercorsa tires (use one track day) new rear dunlop qualifier Missing: front fender inner chin cowl (in front of exhaust headers) Online Photo Album Edit: Price reduced to $1650.
  11. On the day of my daughter's wedding you come to me with these falken tires
  12. Doesn't make it right, doesn't make it wrong, but it is there on their webpage. Pat, I understand and agree with what your saying. Still I would have tried to get my money back. The company still has an obligation to accurately describe their product.
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