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  1. 4 hours ago, Zero Knievel said:

    Don’t have the right tools.  Assholes at Mazda/Ford used an assortment of SAE and metric sizes.  I got the u-bolts on the left side undone…which I thought would be the worst.  However, the mount bolts on the ends use a 13/16 nut.  I don’t have that in a closed end wrench, and after trying as much as I dared with an open end wrench, I decided it was smarter to pay my mechanic than to risk rounding off nuts with inadequate tools.  I even had mom pick up a 90 degree impact wrench from HF in town, but it was too large to access the problem nuts.


    Yeah, I could look and buy a single 13/16 closed end wrench, but that’s a trip to/from town and if I need yet another tool…another trip…plus the risk of it fucking up anyhow.  Sometimes, paying a mechanic is better than dealing with it yourself.  I kid you not, I bought impact drive sockets after breaking a regular socket working on mom’s car with the impact gun.  Every fucking place I could use an impact gun either is inaccessible (can’t get the tool in there) or had bolts so long the socket can’t sit on the nut…even with deep sockets.

    I guess you are right but then we don't get to live it through you.  😃

  2. 23 hours ago, superhawk996 said:

    Hornady One Shot gun lube helps triggers

    I bought some One Shot because everyone talking it up here.  I found it made my knives super slick opening and it did clean but didn't last long.  So regular type lube was better in the long run.  

  3. 26 minutes ago, RXX said:

    "It was just gangbanger on gangbanger," Johnson told a press conference in Red River, adding that no bystanders were injured.

    So was he implying nothing to see here folks, move along.?    😉

  4. 1 hour ago, SwampNut said:


    Why not?  I just figured if any objection about the content could be eliminated, why wouldn't I?  Kids shouldn't be doing this anyway right?  Nobody who should be doing this would be affected by the age restriction in any way.


    No biggie, just curious.  I don't have (and don't want one) a YouTube account.  


    On a different note, have you bounced what you are doing off our expert Phillip?  Not to say that you aren't doing it right but I would ask.

  5. 2 hours ago, SwampNut said:


    No, all of the pens are 0.5ml, with whatever dosage they want.  The actual drug is very tiny, the amount of fluid is just to make it measurable and usable.  It's just a solution, and the amount of solution is arbitrary.  Some people reconstitute the dry powder with different amounts based on their dosage plan.  It's irrelevant as long as you do the math on the ratio.  I'm not sure how clear that is, but 99% of that fluid is inert.


    So I've taken the 15mg per .5ml pen, and injected it into a new sterile vial, to which I had already added 1.0ml of bacteriostatic water.  My total volume is now 1.5ml, with a 15mg dose.  You can see my logic here right?  Now I can measure out any amount, based on that easy power of ten.  My dose rate is 2.5mg, so I measure out 25 units on a standard insulin syringe.  I actually will have slightly more, because the pens never empty completely when you use them as an auto-injector, but I was able to empty it.  It looks like it had .6ml (just eyeballing it).  So I'm actually saving even more by extracting it all.


    This video is long-ish, but mostly real time, me trying to figure out the pen and then how to mix it.  You can skip around to see the parts that interest you.  I'll be sharing this far and wide.  I'm sure I will be on some kind of list.



    Why is age restricted?  

  6. 16 minutes ago, Zero Knievel said:

    Thanks, but no hits for my truck. I’ll take the old one off and measure thickness.  I suppose the only option for replacement will be to buy a new pad and use the old one as a template for shape and fastener positions.

    Why do you feel you need it on this old truck?

  7. 3 hours ago, SwampNut said:

     It sat around for a while.  During the Sunday cleaning, I put the whole thing in the trash.  Yes, that's right, two days before big brain idea time, I tossed the parts that would make it possible.


    On 5/9/2023 at 6:31 AM, blackhawkxx said:

    You have to keep it because you will need it someday.

    See, you didn't follow the rules and now you paid for it.   😄

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  8. 53 minutes ago, jon haney said:

    If I had a 25 year old pick-up, I think I would just remove whatever is left of the insulation pad, and not worry about.  But that's me.

    I 100% agree and have removed ones that were in good shape from a couple of Mustangs that I've had.

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