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  1. PUSSIES! Tires machines are for cagers. 2 tire irons , 1 Aerostitch Bead Breaker, Motion Pro Bead Buddy, Napa tire soap, and balance on a well greased axle. Maybe a pair of gloves if your hands are soft.
  2. If any pics are taken they won't be for quite a while- due to weather and daylight restrictions. Sounds familiar?? Black Excels that are true with a couple scratches from tire changes with NEW bearings/spacers/dust seals 18 rear and 21 front $440 plus shipping for set. For another $160 I can leave the brand new ice tire(one very short ride on it and it was working terrific) on the front wheel. Rear ice tire will go back to the guy I borrowed it from. I have items posted up at KTMtalk and they are pecking away at things- so let me know fast if you want them.
  3. Everything must go since the top end already "went" Parts too numerous to list- prices damn cheap...pm me if you need something.
  4. Standard 4 wire hookup and all lights on truck work fine. On the trailer.... All marker/running lights work fine. Turn signals work fine. Hazards nada Brake lights nada WTF?
  5. I have an FI tank in titianium with all the plumbing that's in great shape- 1 tiny ding/dent/scatch that I can let go(gas cap should be swappable so you won't need a different key). PM me an offer.
  6. How far are is your place from Sheiks' Palace Royal or the Voodoo Lounge? Less than 5 minutes by XX at "safe and prudent race pace." Craigs list.... You're sure to get a few FREAKS to reply. I've posted up on Craigslist a couple of times with no luck at all, roomates.com is a joke. A friend told me that pictures get more resonses so I will try a new CL ad with pics. Problem is there are a ton of people renting rooms in their homes at this time with economy/housing market in the shitter.
  7. Due to the wife skipping out on me, I have to find a couple roomates to help make the house payment. Great place with garage spots for bikes. Reach arounds always given. Inquire within.
  8. #1. Don't worry about it the FI is fine= look for "codes" when you turn on the switch. #2. Washing the bike usually made it stop for a few weeks. #3. Flicking the hi-lo beam also sometimes workes if it bothers you. #4. Try riding on only REALLY bright sunny days and never at night- the light is easier to see in dim light. #5. DON'T try to find a permanent fix unless you want to pull out the bulb or cover the light with paint or tape. (I had a master mechanic for Honda take that baby home with him when I owned it, and he damn near shot himself trying to solf the problem before I convinced him to give up and I was okay with it.) You shoulda PM'd me...I woulda told you right away.
  9. I will find out what this guy wants for them and reply to all PM's in order of receipt with the price when I find out. BTW- I have 7 interrested parties so if you havn't expressed interrest already, consider this set gone already.
  10. Not sure what they're worth, but I know a guy who has a set that he will probably sell. PM if interrested.
  11. Ballistol is the shit yo- no glunk- cheap- and is good for many other applications.
  12. Great service backed up with terrific prices on the parts AND the shipping- a rare combination in these times. I was dissapointed however that no one was there who remembered my used 750 Virago purchase from 22 years ago. Mom was hot back then- you'd think someone would have paid attention.
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