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  1. How did you make out with the Carra bearing spacers?

    1. CALCXX


      Thank you. I had the wrong idea. Sounds like I need to put it back together and use a depth gauge? Did you find it to be short? Is that why you turned a new inner spacer? 

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  2. How did you make out with the Carra bearing spacers?

    1. CALCXX


      I tried a rear wheel fitment. I understand how the spacers are used but, I screwed up and didn't want to admit it publicly.  No spacers have been cut yet because of my fuk up. I have enough of the stainless to cut these twice if needed. One of the bearings are rough so I decided to replace them. The inside spacer (between the bearings) is a tight fit so damn the torpedoes full speed ahead. I pressed the bearings out. Wrong move. I failed to note what you meant by extending the length of the inner spacer to eliminate side load on the bearing. This was a month ago and the shop was hot and I was running out of beer. Reinstalled the stock wheel instead of pressing the old bearings back in to measure what is needed. 


      Please correct me if wrong --- the inner spacer should extend thru the inner bearing race to flush finish? Do I understand? please reply?


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  3. Alan, I should have checked it first. Is there something I can do about my account?


    Sorry, there is a problem

    The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.

    Error code: 2C171/1

    1. CALCXX


      I was able to download both the pdf's.

      Perhaps a moderators access is granted?


      Thanks for your effort Alan. It seems I can't win. LOL Both of my XX's are 1998. (carb'd)  I saved  both pdf's because My riding buddy Jeff has a 99. Thanks

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