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Lee Parks Gloves -- Anyone tried them?

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I'm inclined to give them a try after being consistently underwhelmed by the mass-produced gloves I've been looking at lately. Made in Oregon, small-scale production. They may not have the cool factor and definitely no ventilation, but the simple construction has me interested.









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Yep....I had a pair custom made back at the motorcycle show in 2012.  Short cuff with Velcro cinch.


They are great.  Eventually they become a second skin.  I have the inside stitching.  No issues. 

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I have a pair of Lee Parks. Leather like butter, unbelievably comfortable, fit like, well...you get the idea. Great set of gloves, the only drawback is limited impact protection compared to more modern designs. Mine did mainly touring/casual duty for that reason. 

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I have two pairs. A pair exactly like Dave's, and a similar pair that are black, with the seams on the outside. I find the outside seams to be weird, especially as the ones with the inside seams, like Dave's, don't bother me at all.


You get them a bit tight as new, and the form to your hand perfectly, very quickly. As Dave said, butter smooth. I actually wear them daily in the late fall and early spring in lieu of regular gloves, in the car and elsewhere.

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