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Gyde / Raveen heated jacket.


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So this is an interesting piece of gear that I recently got my hands on. I bought it because my wife wanted a heated jacket for the side by side, but wasn't thrilled about being "wired up". 


This jacket features a 7v Lithium Battery pack. Think of a big pack of spearmint gum or a small flip phone and you'd kind of have the idea. The jacket itself is pretty well insulated on its own and is designed to be more of an outer garment - aimed more at the hiking and outdoor crowd rather than the motorcycle community - but fits in place of the inner liner on my BMW jacket and I think would work well there in cold weather. Style and comfort wise, you could easily use this as a daily walking around jacket.


The reason I'm pointing this thing out is - its easy to wear, the battery is unobtrusive, and the heated elements are so fine you almost can't tell they are in the jacket. Power it up - it has buttons right on it, but there is a bluetooth app option for your phone - and its FUCKING WARM. On the "extreme" setting there is a warning not to wear against naked skin, and I believe it. The book says the battery will power it at extreme setting for two hours, or low for 8 hours. Unless you are shoveling sub-zero snow in northern Alaska, you won't need the extreme setting except for maybe a minute or two to warm up. Low will take a good edge off most reasonable cold - medium can get toasty after awhile in 20-25 degree weather walking around. I've been pretty impressed with the piece - especially given that this is the 7v version (there are 12v battery options I understand)


This piece is available under several different names, including Gerbings, but Gyde/Raveean seem to be the true source. 


Pro-Tip. There is a good motorcycle dealer in Montgomeryville PA - Montgomeryville Cycle Center. They are getting ready to do a major remodel inside and are BLOWING stuff out to clear the showroom. Lots of accessories, apparel etc. Cheapest place I've seen this jacket is $249 on Revzilla. MCC has a fair stock of these left for $139 - thats why I pulled trigger on it. Parts managers name is Scott if anyone want to talk to him about it.

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Thanks for the review and the tip about Montgomeryville Cycle Center. Went there today with my wife and got her that jacket in Men's Medium which was the perfect fit. She wanted it for work and for riding. Excellent 60% off price!!!

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