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+Ventrue Heated Gloves

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Bought Heated Motorcycle gloves on 2/11/11 from online retailer and this is the response I got back when I asked for them to be covered under the 1year warranty for bad stiching on the back of the both R & L gloves!

Stay away from there product as I paid $199.00 for these gloves that failed in less than 2 months, what does that say about the quality. I have gloves thatpaid 1/3 the amount that I have worn for years!

From: Ventureheat Dealer Support [mailto:dealer@ventureheat.com]

Sent: Monday, April 18, 2011 9:33 AM

To: XXXXXXXXXl@comcast.net

Subject: Defective stitching on gloves

Hi there,

I do apologizes, but that would just be wear and tear we can not replace them, but we can offer you a 20% discount if you would like to purchase another pair at this time.

WARM regards,

Ashley Powers, Dealer Support


+VENTURE Heated Clothing

DIRECT: 714-251-6446 SKYPE: Venture.Support

TEL:1-310-412-1070 ext.111 FAX: 1-610-423-5257

5932 Bolsa Ave. #103 Huntington Beach, CA 92649 USA

WEB: www.VentureHeat.com

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