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[A+] SouthWest Ford Parts Department

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This review isn't motorcycle related, but I know there are quite a few Ford owners on this site and I hope this may save them a few bucks.

As of today, this is the second time I've used SouthWest Ford Parts Department. On both occasions, I've had spectacular service.

My first experience with them was about 2 years ago when my drivers side window motor on my Ford F-150 gave out. My local dealer wanted ~$400 to replace the assembly, or around $200 for the part. The best price I could find online for the assembly was around $150. I called Southwest Ford and spoke with Charlie and he was able to get it to me shipped for $90.00.

Today, I had the passenger side window assembly go out. I called a local dealer, and again, they wanted ~$400 to replace the assembly or $200 for the part. I did a quick internet search for the assembly and was able to find an aftermarket replacement for $92 plus shipping. A quick call to Southwest Ford Parts Department (Charlie answered the call again...2 years after the first incident :icon_eek: ) and Charlie was able to get the assembly shipped out today for a whopping $90 including shipping.

Not only am I impressed with their prices, but their customer service is the best I've seen in a long time. Charlie was able to look up my order from 2 years ago and confirm the part I needed matched the old order. He also called me back after he had the tracking number and thanked me for being a repeat customer. In this day and age of the turn style employee, it is very comforting to see someone stay with a company and take pride in what they do.

SouthWest Ford


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