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auto darkening welding mask


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After growing up in a welding shop and welding on and off(as ahobby) for over 25 years (started long before i could reach the bench) i finally

go an auto darking helmet and it rocks. I think it would really help

someone who is just getting started . No more misses !!!

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I have to check the brand , i forget but is made in switzerland.

- 4ms transition to dark at room temp, doesn't work below -10 C

- built in .25 s delay to lighten to dark..... no afterglow

- #5 glass in natural state , switchable 10/11 when dark

- i paid 159 C$ + 15% taxes, it was about 300 two months ago

(end of year clearance)

- its and older style shape , but a sexier helmet with the same optics

was 90$ more.

-this one only has the one swich to pic #10 or #11 tint

-as i work alone i don't need sensitivity adjustments, or grind

settings ( i just switch to a another shield)

solar powered .. no batteries

-sparks from a striker (flint) will cause it change .

what else you want to know ??

come to guelph and you can try it !!

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Well Mikey when you do end up with alittle on top, if you weld with any regularity at all, you will find it's the best money you ever spent as far as welding equipment goes. It'll also save you gobs of time, which can be firured into saveing you money if you really want to count dollars.

Oh.. and as for how fast do they change ... a cheap one will change in 10,000th of a second and a high end model will change in 25,000th of a second. Price around here varies from $110 - $400.

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I use one at work every now and then. My biggest problem is wanting to 'blink' everytime I go to weld :lol:

Father-in-law welds for a living has his own bizz making and fixing almost anything for people.. He still relies on his plain helmet.. Might see about getting him one for a present :wink:

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Hey Krypty... If you do get one for your Dad, don't be cheap. You really need to make sure it's a good one that will change in 1-25,000nth of a second. For the occasional welder the 1 in 10,000nth of a second is fine (the cheap model), but for the professional- constant user I recomend only the Best.

You don't want to risk his eyes on $100 do ya?

Just my .02

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