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I'm surprised they haven't already been reviewed. I was certain I had posted about them here before. I'm guessing that SOB Redbird probably edited / deleted the thread!!! :icon_biggrin:

I know there are several good "lid" shops. I have heard great things about Helmet Harbor who also lists some good reviews on helmets, and I wanted to try them out. But this time I wanted a lid quickly (gotta look good for the ladies at NeXXT) and Harbor is AZ based, so I went to my old favorite, The Helmet Shop.

I've used The Helmet Shop several times and have never been disappointed. To the contrary, I have always been very pleased.

I wanted a helmet to match the Ti color on the 954RR, but the 954RR's Titanium is more of a brassy color than on the Bird (more silver-ish). So I called HelmetShop and asked for help. I apologized for 'taking their time since they were primarily an internet shop', yet they were more than happy to help and actually spent more time with me than I expected. The guy I talked to remembered the Titanium color on the '03 954RR and recommended some lids. He told me which Ti colors would work, and what wouldn't work. Which helments were noisy, heavy, and so on - and which were not. I went with the Anthrcaite Grey on a Shoei and it is 'bang on'.

I placed the order on Wednesday afternoon, it was shipped that same day with their standard shipping, and the lid arrived on Friday. For East coast guys, it just doesn't get better than that.

Like a lot of helmet shops, they are bound by the MAP pricing crap that the helmet manufacturers force on them for internet pricing, so you need to call to get the 'real price' on the Shoei's and other upper end helmets.

This was probably the 5th time or so I have used them, and I have been very pleased every time.


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Allright, it seems like my little "encounter" with a mountain (it wasn't a mere hill!) at NeXXt has me in the need for a new lid. So yes, I went back to Helmet Shop.

Most know that the higher end brands require the retailers to adhere to the MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) policy, and Helmet shop is no different.

Well, I called Helmet Harbor as they receive lots of good press around here. My target, a Shoei RF1000 Graphics. Well, let's just say I quickly went back to Helmet Shop.

OK, here are some real numbers for you:

MSRP - $475

MAP - $428 (listed on Helmet Harbor and Helmet Shop)

Phone in price at Helmet Harbor - $408

Phone in Price at Helmet Shop - $342 - a savings of $64. Now how many NeXXt BJ's will that buy me :icon_suck:

Helmet Shop price for a Shoei TZ-R Graphics for the future Mrs. GriffXX was $300.

'Buy an intercom or any helmet accessories from these guys, and they will install them for you for free before shipping them out. Oh, shipping is free with orders above $100.

And FWIW, they are just really good guys to talk to.

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This is a repost from:


BINGO Griff, The Helmet Shop, with rep Chris, got my order....an Arai Profile Pearl Black 3XXX for $379 + 2 day air freight because it is coming out of CA. Normal orders are prepaid. This Profile 3XXX helmet lists at $550. I got a great new lid....finally! I am happy I get a new helmet for OZARXX and get to dump my Vega that needed so have a new liner and was DOT approved only. I have never liked my HJC although it is a good helmet, it never fit well for my long oval head shape. There was a pressure point that hurt my forehead!! I learned what little I know about helmets through the Arai and Shoei reps at the International Cycle Show.

I will have to say I worked on Chris and got a better price....he was easy, and a good guy to work with!! If you need a helmet at a super price call him!!

RC the best price on the other shop's wasn't as good as The Helmet Shop's price.

Thanks for your help Griff and RC. Are we sure that is Redd in the big helmet......I wanted a start a caption contest....I must resist and not make that post. Redd will beat me with a bat next week!!!

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This whole vender section is pretty much dead... so I thought I would post something new, er old but new again... 


These folks still rock... 


Always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS call them when you find the lid or gear you are interested.. You will almost always get a much better price... As a guy who can get anything at cost for personal use, I still use these folks... I just bought a jacket for Panama (private nickname) for less than I could have gotten it for.. And they are just good people to work with... (nearly) always free shipping... 






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