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Guest rockmeupto125

This topic has been broached every month on the forum since the advent of the new model...which was...hmmm.....8 years ago? Anyway, here is a consolidation of the data which will be available for search, research, and referral.

The CBR1100XX was introduced by Honda to the world in 1996. Some European countries enjoyed having a 1996 model. North American models began with 1997, although there are a few here with manufacture dates in 1996.

We all know through various sources that the CBR1100XX is classified as a Sport-Touring machine. It has an 1137cc transverse inline watercooled four-cylinder gasoline fueled engine. This is not a primer on the motorcycle itself, but a listing of pertinent and not so pertinent design changes in the various model years. To have a full understanding of them, you will probably need to at least know a little bit about the motorcycle, and I am not fulfilling that purpose here.

This information applies only to NORTH AMERICAN models, and I realize that there are subtle differences depending on the varying laws upon other continents. Colors noted here are US only, as there was a different assortment available in Canada. Also note as well that there were differences in the emissions systems of California models, and those differences are not explored here.

For the sake of simplicity, model years will be notated as '99, '01 rather than 1999 and 2001. Additionally, "carb" "carbed" and "early" will refer to model years 1997 and 1998, and the terms "late" "later" "FI" or "injected" will refer to model years 1999 and newer. This listing does not address all of the individual part upgrades or revisions, and is in no way to be construed as an authoritative list, but as only anecdotal and observational. I am not an employee or consultant, but I have been involved in product development programs for Honda.

*1997-1998--There were no changes from the '97 to the '98 model, which was supplied only in black.

*1999--The greatest number of changes were made in the '99 model, which was also only supplied in black.

  1. Fuel injection. The change from carburators to fuel injection included the addition of many sensors and the throttle bodies themselves. The airbox and the the wiring harness were changed. Several changes in the bodywork were necessary to accomodate the fuel injection and related components, and they will be mentioned separately.
  2. Ram Air. The early models do not have Ram Air. They have a single ductwork that directs air from the intakes on the upper cowl over the oil cooler. Later model fairings do not have the flanges to screw this ductwork in place. The grillwork over the intakes is different.
  3. The front wheel hub is larger to accomodate larger front wheel bearings. Although the wheel spokes and rim remain the same, this is an entirely different wheel than the early models. The front rotors are also different, as they require a larger bolt circle on the carrier to fit the larger hub of wheel. Complete wheel assemblies are interchangeable between carb and FI models...individual pieces are not.
  4. The fuel tank was changed to accomodate a high pressure fuel pump. This resulted in a slight increase in the overall capacity. The carbed and FI tanks have identical top sides. All tank accessories (bras, bagsters, etc) fit all years.
  5. The proportioning valve for the Linked Braking System was changed to decrease the rearward bias. It is physically identical.
  6. The taillight was changed to be tall rather than wide. Early models have the two bulbs side by side, later models have the two bulbs over and under.
  7. The inner fender was changed to allow more room for the ECU and sensors for the fuel injection.
  8. A larger capacity battery is in place for the injected models.
  9. The clutch was changed from a 9 plate to a 7 plate version for smoother engagement.
  10. The stator was increased in size from 390 to 460 watts to accomodate the increased load of the fuel injection.
  11. The density of the rear cush rubbers were changed, and the early model part was superceded.
  12. The brake and clutch levers were made narrower, as it was noted that wind pressure against the brake lever at high speed attempts was actuating the brake light.
  13. The frame was modified internally to reduce a resonant vibration. For practical purposes, the frames are identical in every year WITH THE EXCEPTION of the radiator mounting brackets.
  14. Fork valving and internals were changed. The entire fork assembly is interchangable with all years. I believe the internals can be swapped as well. Seals and sundry are the same for all years. There were cosmetic differences to the fork lowers.
  15. The choke lever was obviously eliminated.
  16. The kickstand light on the dash became the Fuel Injection warning light.
  17. The ignition switch and lock assembly were increased in size.
  18. The footpegs and rubbers were made slimmer.
  19. The rotor carriers, stator cover, and clutch cover were changed from black to a gold color with a hint of green in the right light.
  20. The tinting on the lower portion of the windscreen changed to a different color.
  21. The turn signal indicators were changed to a finer lensed pattern than the early model.
  22. The exhaust header grouping was changed for less horsepower and more midrange torque.
*2000--There were no changes other than color for the year 2000 modell, which was also only supplied in titanium gray.

*2001--This is the first year of the digital dash. Some sensors were changed to allow this, but the digital dash can be retrofitted if you are willing to tinker a bit. The only other visible change was to a subtle double bubble windscreen. The regulator was upgraded again, and moved to the right side of the bike. The '01 model was available only in red.

*2002--The only changes I am aware of in this year is that the upper frame mount for the lower front cowls was no longer an integral part of the frame. Additionally, the Electronic Fuel Injection system was upgraded. The US '02 XX was supplied only in silver.

*2003--no known changes other than cosmetic for this last US model year. Data is not conclusive, but it is suspected that all '03 models were equipped with catalytic converters for the entire US.

I'm sure I've missed something, or made errors in this endeavor. If you know this, please PM me so that we can fine tune this document.

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