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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys, I need a little help I got into an accident with my Blackbird back in August and I'm in the process of fixing it now. I'm confused about some parts, I can see to find pretty much everything I need besides something called "guide oil air cooler" which sits in the very front of the upper cowl that the air ducts connect to? Kinda the mesh guard you see in the front, I'll post photos of the accident and before it happened but I would appreciate it if I could get a small list of parts needed to entire rebuild the upper cowl and how to go about doing this, this is my first small rebuild project. Everything else about my blackbird is all good, engine is perfectly fine, sides and rear end didnt get damaged at all. Unsure the condition of my forks but I plan on looking into that after I rebuild the upper cowl! So far all I know of that I need to replace is my mirror/dash bracket mount, of course new fairings and just a new headlight assembly but if I could get some help figuring out what else I'll need, it would be much appreciated!!
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