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Found 1 result

  1. JoWhee

    Corporate reasoning? (long)

    I work for a large company, which has some large and sensitive clients. As part of our transfer from one big company to another (this happens regularly) we get to go through the whole process of being vetted criminal record check etc... it's a condition of continued employment, even though we're a union shop it's never been challenged, because well, no one has ever refused or failed the checks. Our phones are used to track us as well as our vehicles. It's a feature that comes on our fleet vehicles directly from Ford, the salesperson took great pride in explaining to me how it all works, in short it's like the "find my friends" app on a smart smartphone, but on steroids. I'm not cool with any of it but I understand it. I know they're currently using the Ford system, because I've been called by my manager and asked how could I be at work all day yesterday when my vehicle had almost 0 kilometers reported, to which I trot out the same thing I do every time he asks: "did you look at WHERE the truck was?" I get a loaner (usually a focus) when I bring the work van in for service, and I put it on my corporate shared calendar that I'll have no vehicle as to not get dispatched to a call where I'll need more than my tool pouch. This month we're getting a new telemetry system installed in all vehicles, I'm not sure exactly why but it's probably related to our new dispatching software. The thing that's bugging me is we received these stickers that we're instructed to install inside the windshield. There's the company logo and "GPS ENABLED & PROTECTED" on said sticker. When I asked about the placement I was pretty much told to shut up and just do it. What's got a bug up my ass is that the printing on the stickers faces INWARDS! It's not like it's one of those sherlock/lojack anti theft deterrent stickers or boomerang (anyone remember those?) it's almost like a "Big brother is watching you" stickers. Am I being paranoid? TL;DR Does a sticker reminding me that the truck has a GPS telemetry seem Orwellian?