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Found 1 result

  1. So I've been working in my blackbird ever since I got in an accident in August, i finally got around to buying new fairings and i loved the look of the Repsol Black/White ones auctmarts did. I ordered them and the whole process took around 3 weeks, when they sent me the photo showing them completed before being sent out I noticed the Repsol on the nose was crooked but assured me that it wasnt. So I let it be and to wait for them to come in. They came in 2 days ago and I'm a little annoyed since everything else looks great. I'm in love with them except for the crooked repsol on the nose is bothering me horribly, I contacted them and they said it isnt a work of art and can't be perfect. I'll stick with them since I already paid and returning would cost nearly $200 I dont have. I wonder if i could sand the clear coat, remove the stickers, apply a new one and clear coat over it again.
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