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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, I've been reading the forum for some time now but never posted before. My bike is a 2003 Blackbird which I've owned for five years now. I love it and plan to keep it. I recently had the side fairings repainted and I want to install frame sliders to protect them from my usual slow motion tipovers in future. I had the locations spotted and am ready to drill the holes in plastic when it occurred to me that I may not be able to remove or replace the fairings without first removing the frame sliders. Problem is that the slider/engine mount bolt on the throttle side has a spacer that must fit between the frame and the engine block. I think it would be impossible to replace that slider after installing the fairing. So my question to the more experienced among us is.....can the throttle side lower fairing panel be removed and replaced without first removing the frame slider?? Help would be appreciated.
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